We talked last week a bit about construction sites and workers who risk life and limb. Can you share a more interesting case, if you will, that you might have worked on over the years to share the complexities of what a construction case can involve?

Construction litigation is very complicated and it’s interesting. I find it very interesting because it requires a lot of legal argument. It requires a lot of understanding of what not just what the actual reality is but what the perceived reality is.  That may sound funny but I’ve had many cases over the years where a definition of one word decides whether you are entitled to all of your damages or zero.

For instance over my 30 something years, we have litigated what the word cleaning means. I know what cleaning means but not in the courts. I’ll never forget in the series I had one gentleman who was cleaning. He was hurt badly but his case was thrown out because they said he wasn’t. Six months later same facts, same court, change of interpretation and somebody wins. Those are frustrating but that’s the kind of thing that happened and that’s why I say you have got to get a lawyer in those kinds of cases.