Governor Cuomo extends eviction moratorium, but landlord harassment can continue

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eviction moratorium stanley law offices personal injury firmEviction Deadline Set Now for September 4th

There are thousands of New Yorkers who are financially impacted by the pandemic and are at risk of being evicted for back rent, but Governor Cuomo has come to their aid once again. In a continuation of executive orders, he extended the ban on evictions until September 4. Politicians have recognized that tenants didn’t invite a global pandemic and shouldn’t face homelessness because they lost their paycheck. Perhaps New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio summed it best when he said, “If you don’t have a source of income, how the hell are you gonna pay the rent?”


Watch Eviction Moratorium Video Here

Tenants should not get a false sense 

Stanley Law reminds tenants that under the Governor’s moratorium on evictions, rent is deferred, not waived. In other words, you’ll be responsible for paying any rent that’s added up during the pandemic – it is not a free ride. Any missed rent will come back to haunt you in the future. If you can pay rent, we advise that you do. If you can only make partial payments and can’t pay the full amount of rent, we encourage you to talk with your landlord or property manager to work out a payment plan.


Some landlords will take matter into their own hands

The eviction process is a long series of steps, but some landlords do not follow the legal process and take shortcuts by harassing tenants. This might include shutting off utility services, changing locks, removing property, ignoring repair requests, and other “self-help” eviction measures. If your landlord is attempting to run you out of your rental unit, we recommend you recognize and document the signals, and give us a call. 1-866-553-7125. Rental property owners can put a lot of pressure on tenants during the pandemic and use heavy handed tactics to collect the rent when you”ve suffered a loss of income. While some landlords and property managers will disregard the Governor’s eviction moratorium, Stanley Law Offices can tap them on the shoulder, if not seek compensation for harassment or wrongful eviction. So don’t go it alone. Phone. 1-866-553-7125. We have offices in Syracuse, Binghamton, Watertown, Rochester, and Montrose, PA. You can also email me directly at We’re wishing you health and well-being – and we’ll be there for you if and when you need us.