Shreya Tripathi Bhardwaj

Social Security Disability, NY

About Shreya

Shreya handles the Social Security Disability Department at Stanley Law. She graduated from the University of Pennsylvania Law School in 2010. She has been representing Social Security Disability claimants since 2011 and has attended more than 1500 hearings before Administrative Law Judges. She has also worked on hundreds of appeals in the Federal District Courts within the Second, Third, and Seventh Circuits. She is a member of the National Organization of Social Security Claimants’ Representatives (NOSSCR). She resides in Vestal, NY with her husband Amit and children Shanaya and Viaan. In her spare time, Shreya enjoys reading, cooking, and traveling.


215 Burnet Ave.
New York, 13203

800.608.3333 (Toll Free)
800.372.3760 (Toll Free)


Paralegal contact
Kaylee Keim
Direct: 315-930-3090
[email protected]

Joe Stanley – Best Personal Injury Lawyer in Syracuse


✓  UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA LAW SCHOOL, Philadelphia, PA May 2010 Masters of Law (LL.M.)

✓  NATIONAL LAW UNIVERSITY, India (Dual- Degree Program) May 2007

✓  Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) with Honors (J.D. equivalent)

✓  Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.)

Joe Stanley – Best Personal Injury Lawyer in Syracuse

Professional License:

✓  Admitted to practice in New York since 2011

Joe Stanley – Best Personal Injury Lawyer in Syracuse

Areas of practice:

✓  Social Security Disability

✓  Supplemental Security Income