Are you a worker impacted by COVID-19?

Last week Stanley Law Offices hosted a FREE LEGAL WEBINAR on Facebook Live (@CuzJoeKnows) focusing on Social Security Disability Claims and Workers’ Compensation Claims/Cases due to COVID-19. There are so many questions about both here at Stanley Law Offices the phones are ringing off the hook every day. We thought it might be helpful to address the most frequently asked questions, along with updates relating to COVID.

You want a Social Security Attorney and Workers’ Compensation Attorney who are focused and experienced

Here in the Webinar are dedicated Social Security Disability Attorney, Shreya Tripathi Bhardwaj along with Workers’ Compensation Attorney Arthur Bigsby who’s focused his entire legal career in helping workers with their rightful claims.

Changes due to COVID-19

While the landscape shift sand we learn more every day about the laws and proceedings surrounding COVID-19, much of the information here in this webinar will prove incredibly helpful for anyone who may have a social security disability or workers’ compensation claim. We encourage you to NOT GO IT ALONE! As you’ll see in the above video, there are far too many complicated timelines, rules, guidelines, to navigate totally alone.

Complicated Processes and Procedures for Your Social Security Disability Claim or Workers’ Compensation Claim

For Social Security Disability you can certainly file a claim on your own. But you’ll likely get DENIED. A high percentage of all disability claims get denied right out of the gate. It doesn’t matter who you are or what your situation is. Why? Because it’s just the system unfortunately. There are strict deadlines, ways to complete your paperwork and prepare for your social security hearing.  When it comes to your workers’ compensation case you could also have a personal injury case. You want to be sure you take the right steps to help not harm either of your cases. Only an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer can walk that path with you to help you ensure the maximum award in your case.

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