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While many injuries suffered in car accidents are very serious, drivers at least have the benefit of being protected by the safety mechanisms in their cars. Air bags, seat belts and the steel structure can protect a driver from harm. But drivers of ATV vehicles don’t have these protections. As a result, they often experience serious personal injury when involved in collisions.

If you’ve been involved in an ATV accident, the team of experienced trial attorneys at The Stanley Law Offices can help. With a main office located in Syracuse, New York, we’re dedicated to helping accident victims receive full and fair compensation for their injuries — even the most serious injuries, such as head injuries, traumatic brain injuries (TBI), back injuries and lost limbs.


ATV And Snowmobile Accidents

Our law firm also represents people injured in accidents on recreational vehicles, like motorbikes, ATVs and snowmobiles. While more and more families are discovering the thrills of riding ATVs and snowmobiles, many are discovering the dangers involved as well. These accidents can cause serious injuries, including brain and spinal cord injuries, and even death. Tragically, nearly 20 percent of all fatal ATV accidents involve children less than 16 years old.

There are many factors that may cause an ATV or snowmobile accident. Drinking is often involved in these types of accidents, and we’re dedicated to holding drunk drivers and operators accountable for the harm they cause. Damaged or defective machinery may also be the cause. We thoroughly investigate the true causes of your accident and help you take action accordingly.


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