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The car accident attorneys in Montrose, Pennsylvania at Stanley Law Offices are here to help you if you or someone you love was seriously injured in a car accident. Car accidents can leave victims facing serious injuries or disabilities, and even ongoing rehabilitation costs.

You and your family might be facing unexpected medical expenses, lost wages due to missed time from work, and may be struggling to make ends meet. In addition to these challenges, victims and their families might find themselves trying to work with insurance adjusters and may struggle to navigate a system where insurance adjusters might try to offer victims and their families the lowest possible settlement permitted under the law. Pennsylvania’s particularly complicated insurance system can make it difficult sometimes for individuals to navigate the system on their own or even understand whether their “limited tort” coverage is limited in their circumstances. The law has many exceptions, including exceptions for serious injury.

While insurance companies are legally obligated to honor your insurance contract, insurance companies may not always accurately estimate the value of your claim, may not have all the information they need to offer the best possible claim, and may expect victims and their families to take the initiative in providing the information they need to make a better settlement. This is where having a car accident lawyer in Montrose, Pennsylvania can help. Stanley Law Offices can review the details of your crash, estimate the value of your claim, gather information to support your claim, fight to hold negligent parties accountable, and help you seek the best possible settlement from insurance companies permitted under the law.

How Car Accident Claims Work in Montrose, Pennsylvania

Under Pennsylvania law, every motor vehicle owner in Pennsylvania is required to have insurance. Car owners must have at minimum, insurance that covers $15,000 for injuries and death of one person in an accident, with limits up to $30,000 if multiple people are injured or killed in an accident. At a minimum, car owners must also have $5000 in coverage for damage to property in an accident. Pennsylvania is a “choice” no-fault insurance state, meaning that the type of insurance you purchased (long before your accident took place) will determine whether your car accident claim can proceed as a no-fault or fault-based claim. This means that the compensation available to you and your family following a car accident will likely depend on the kind of insurance coverage you purchased months or even years ago.

When purchasing car insurance, your insurance provider offers you “full tort” or “limited tort” coverage.

If you purchased limited tort insurance, it means you opted into Pennsylvania’s “no-fault” system. Under the no-fault system, in the event of a car accident, you’ll make a claim with your own insurance company following an accident. You’ll be able to seek compensation for your medical costs but won’t be able to seek compensation for pain and suffering and other non-monetary losses related to your accident unless your injuries are considered “serious.” Under Pennsylvania law, “serious” injury would be defined by the individual policy. Limited tort insurance might be appealing to individuals when seeking insurance coverage in Pennsylvania because this insurance coverage tends to be cheaper than “full tort” insurance coverage.

With full tort insurance coverage, individuals insured under the policy can seek compensation for all medical expenses, and pain and suffering, and non-monetary damages. The key things to keep in mind are this: even with limited tort coverage, you may still be able to seek pain and suffering damages if your injuries are considered serious. There are other restrictions to limited tort coverage that would allow you to pursue a fuller range of damages under the law in certain circumstances. These include situations where the other driver didn’t have insurance coverage, or where the other driver was driving under the influence of alcohol, among other situations.

Because your right to make a claim can be limited by your insurance policy, with certain exceptions, if you believe you were seriously injured in a car accident, you may want to speak to a car accident lawyer in Montrose, Pennsylvania at the Stanley Law Offices. Our auto accident attorneys can review your insurance policy, and your injuries, to see whether they qualify as serious under the language of your policy and review your individual case to see whether exceptions apply.

The insurance claims process in Pennsylvania is complicated. Most people don’t really know what the word “tort” means when they purchase car insurance and may not always fully understand what limits they might be placing upon themselves when they choose the lower-cost option. While every injury might seem serious to victims and their families, the definition of “serious” as far as your car insurance policy is concerned might be very different. A lawyer can review the language of your claim to determine what constitutes serious injury and present evidence to your insurance company to support this claim, if possible.

If you’ve been seriously injured in a car accident in Montrose, Pennsylvania, you may have many questions about your rights when it comes to making an insurance claim. If you are struggling to understand your insurance policy’s fine print, you don’t have to navigate the claims process alone. The car accident lawyers in Montrose, Pennsylvania at the Stanley Law Offices are here to help.

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A serious car accident injury can leave you disabled, or facing ongoing medical costs, not to mention leave you with immense pain and suffering. Every case is unique, but you may have the right to seek compensation for your medical bills as well as pain and suffering and other losses. Yet, the statute of limitations may limit how long you may have to make a car accident claim in Pennsylvania.

If you or someone you love was hurt in a car accident in Montrose, Pennsylvania, the auto accident lawyers at the Stanley Law Offices are here to help. We can review your insurance policy, read the fine print, and help you understand your options. You may only have a limited time to make a claim under the law. Contact our Montrose car accident lawyers at the Stanley Law Offices today.