Workers’ Compensation Lawyers for Construction Accidents

If you work at a construction site, you take on a certain level of risk every time you show up to work. While you accept the conditions of your workplace, you never give up the right to the workers’ compensation protection that the law provides. A workers’ compensation attorney can help you navigate the system to protect yourself and your family.

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Your Medical Costs After a Construction Accident

After an injury, your first concern should be getting better. The workers’ compensation statutes require coverage of your medical costs. You may have to initially use a company doctor, but if your care extends beyond 30 days, you may select a doctor of your choosing. You generally need to seek care before receiving other benefits, so be sure to start by taking care of yourself.

Temporary and Permanent Disability

The heavy equipment and supplies you use in construction work create the potential for significant injury. In some injury cases, you may be physically unable to work for a time, or even permanently. Workers’ compensation should help you in these situations.

In the case of a temporary disability, you can receive compensation of a portion of your regular income. If your physical limitations are deemed permanent, you may be entitled to a lump sum award. Your workers’ compensation attorney can help you understand what you are entitled to receive and assist you in preparing your case.

Beyond Workers’ Compensation

A workers’ compensation claim may be denied for many reasons: you may not report it on time, your employer may dispute your claim, your injury may not be one recognized for compensation, or it may be determined not to be work-related. An attorney can help you appeal when your claim is denied.

In addition, some injuries go beyond workers’ compensation. If defective equipment or a negligent vendor caused your injury, you are entitled to damages for your injuries from the person or people who caused them. We can help you identify your rights and bring your claims for recovery.