Ten Common Construction Accidents and How to Stay Safe

Ten Common Construction Accidents and How to Stay Safe

Working construction is not only physically demanding, but it can be dangerous. Learn about the most common accidents and what to do if you’re injured.

Construction jobs are some of the most demanding and dangerous jobs. It’s important to know the types of danger that exist and what to do if you’re ever injured and in need of a construction accident lawyer. Here’s a list of the most common accidents that occur during construction.

(1) Machinery Accidents

This may be one of the more obvious construction accidents, but machinery dangers are rampant. Heavy machinery such as jackhammers and cranes can cause life-threatening injuries. Even smaller tools can cause debilitating harm.

(2) Asbestos

Especially in older homes or buildings, asbestos still lurks as a threat to electricians, plumbers, and builders.

(3) Electricity

Old wiring or exposed power lines can quickly cause a major hazard. It’s not just electricians who get injured; many carpenters and plumbers try their hands at electrical work without the proper training and get injured.

(4) Collapses

Trench collapses during excavation or demolition are actually quite common and hard to prevent. Workers need to take extra precautions to make sure they don’t end up stuck or buried under rubble.

(5) Moving Objects

Working on busy streets with vehicles that sometimes fail to yield in construction zones are accidents waiting to happen. Improperly handled equipment can also be hazardous.

(6) Noise

Years of loud machinery and tools can cause permanent hearing damage. Even ear plugs don’t necessarily prevent all types of hearing damage.

(7) Explosions or Fires

Gas explosions or electrical fires can happen from time to time in construction zones. Knowledge of these pipelines and wiring is crucial for preventing accidents.

(8) Falls or Slips

Physically demanding work always creates fall or slip opportunities. Uneven ground, spilled liquids, or misplaced tools can be a liability.

(9) High Heights

Falls from heights account for almost a third of all construction related accidents, so it’s vital to make sure the proper precautions and training take place ahead of time.

(10) Overexertion

It’s extremely easy to overexert one’s self with physical labor, especially in warmer climates or in summer months. It’s important to stay hydrated and make sure to take a proper number of breaks.
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