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Workers Compensation Lawyers for Construction Accidents | Binghamton, NY

Construction accident victims often wonder where they should turn to help with their medical bills. When an employee becomes injured while on the job, he or she is entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. These benefits cover medical expenses and a portion of the worker’s income. The employee may be entitled to disability payments.

Injured in a Construction Accident? We Can Help

Unfortunately, the workers’ compensation system in New York is complex and difficult to navigate. If you have been injured in a construction accident in Binghamton, the skilled workers’ compensation attorneys at Stanley Law Offices are here to help. It’s important for construction workers to consult with an attorney after they are injured before discussing the claim with anyone else.

Investigators frequently visit injured construction workers at home or in the hospital after an accident. They may seem friendly and say that they will help you get the benefits you need. Unfortunately, the investigator is typically there to limit the company’s liability to avoid paying the total amount of compensation the worker deserves. Contact us today to schedule your free initial consultation and learn more about how we can fight for you.

Common Types of Workers Compensation Injuries

The construction industry is one of the most dangerous industries for workers. Construction workers should be able to rest assured that their managers and supervisors ensure that their worksites are as safe as possible. This is not always the case, however. Employers often put their profits ahead of their employees’ safety, leading to tragic consequences. According to the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the “fatal” four causes of death for construction workers include falls, being struck by an object, electrocutions, and being caught in between equipment or objects. Other common injuries include:

  • Burn injuries
  • Repetitive stress injuries
  • Work-related illnesses
  • Back injuries
  • Lifting injuries
  • Shoulder and knee injuries
  • Hearing and vision loss

Qualifying for Workers Compensation Benefits

In New York, workers’ compensation laws protect employees who become injured during the course of their work. These benefits help injured construction workers cover their medical expenses and lost income while they recover. In order to make a claim under New York’s workers’ compensation laws, the injury or illness must have occurred:

  • While the employee was at a job site
  • While the employee was off-site but while performing work-related duties
  • As a result of work-related operations or tasks, or
  • As a result of exposure to chemicals or toxins through the course of work

What Does Workers Compensation Cover For Employees Hurt in Construction Accidents?

Workers compensation benefits provide coverage for everyday expenses and medical bills. However, the expenses covered through workers compensation are typically not as extensive as awards and sell them and offers in traditional personal injury claims. It is impossible for workers to sue their employers when they become injured in the workplace. Workers must file claims under workers compensation laws to recover their losses.

Medical Coverage

Under workers compensation, all of the employee’s medical bills that are related to the workplace injury will be covered 100% with no co-pays or out-of-pocket expenses. Workers compensation will also pay for any adaptive medical devices the employee needs and transportation to and from treatment, when needed.

Lost Wages

When a construction worker is forced to be out of work for at least seven days because of an injury, they will receive partial payment for the time they cannot work. If the employee is out of work for 14 days or more, they can receive lost wage benefits for the first seven days of missed work.

Disability Benefits

If you are partially or disabled, you can receive ongoing disability benefits until you have recovered or can return to work. Disability benefits cover two thirds of a person’s average weekly wages. This number is multiplied by the percent of the person’s disability. If a person is 100% disabled, they will receive the full two-thirds of his or her average wage. If a person is only 50% disabled, they will receive half of that amount.

Death Benefits

Finally, if a construction worker dies due to a workplace injury, their dependents may receive death benefits through workers’ compensation. These death benefits are typically a percentage of the deceased individual’s average wages.

What if My Boss Blames Me for the Construction Accident?

Negligence is not a determining factor when considering an application for workers’ compensation benefits. Mistakes made by your employer or a failure to follow OSHA regulations will not be considered. Similarly, it does not matter whether you were negligent or made a mistake and became injured as a result.

When it comes to workers’ compensation, it does not matter who was at fault in most cases. You will still be able to apply for compensation. There is an exception for when an employee became injured due to intoxication. In that case, workers’ compensation benefits will probably not be available.

Obtaining Compensation Through a Personal Injury Lawsuit

Obtaining workers’ compensation benefits is not the only way to recover compensation after a construction accident. Depending on the facts of your case, you may have a right to bring a personal injury lawsuit against your employer or another third party. Personal injury lawsuits give plaintiffs the right to recover more damages than they can recover through workers’ compensation benefits. In addition to compensation for your medical bills, you will also be entitled to compensation for your pain and suffering, long-term care costs, property damage, and many other types of damages.

Discuss Your Case With a Binghamton Workers Comp Attorney

If you or your loved one has been injured while on the job as a construction worker, it is important to discuss your case with an attorney as soon as possible. The attorneys at Stanley Law Offices will carefully evaluate your case and help you understand all of your legal options so you can make the best decision in your case. Contact our Binghamton office as soon as possible to schedule your free initial consultation.

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