When it comes to health care, the biggest mistake you can make is putting unquestioning faith in your doctor. Doctors are pressured by hospitals, insurance carriers and prescription drug companies to produce more and more — so, what used to be about patient care is now very much about making money.

At The Stanley Law Offices, we know that doctors, hospitals and other health care providers are responsible for the vast majority of medical errors made in the United States. We focus on holding these providers accountable for the harm they cause by bringing medical malpractice actions in courts in upstate New York and Pennsylvania.

We handle malpractice

related to a wide range of circumstances:

Medical Malpractice
Birth Injuries
Drug Injuries
Emergency Room Errors
Medical Misdiagnosis
Surgical & Anethesia Errors

Take Care Of Your Own Care

Because medical malpractice occurs all too often in the United States, patients must take responsibility for their own care. To avoid medical errors, the best thing you can do is trust your own instincts and become informed about your medical treatment. Ask questions. Ask your doctor to clarify if you don’t understand. Have someone you love come with you to office visits. Don’t be afraid to research your doctors or medical condition. Get a second opinion, or a third, to make sure that the care you’re getting is necessary and appropriate.

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