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Plane crashes, whether small private planes, commercial jetliners, commuter planes or helicopters, may occur for many reasons: sometimes by pilot error, sometimes by weather, sometimes by improper maintenance, contaminated fuel, product flaws and even air controller negligence. Regardless of the reason for the disaster, the result is almost certain to be fatal for passengers and crew.

Aviation accidents can be the result of faulty component parts or bad maintenance, failures to warn, airframe structural failures, poor crew training, outdated or incorrect manuals, or simple human error. Oftentimes, aviation accidents may occur due to a combination of factors:

  • Catastrophic plane crashes
  • Weather-related crashes
  • Negligence in fueling the aircraft
  • ​Defective replacement parts, equipment and machinery
  • ​Commercial manufacturing errors leading to a plane crash or accident
  • ​Injuries in airline terminals
  • ​Negligent or faulty maintenance
  • ​Failure to follow safety procedures
  • ​Crashes caused by defective maps
  • ​Counterfeit replacement parts and fuel contamination
  • ​Failure to properly conduct routine de-icing
  • ​Airport operator negligence
  • ​Air traffic controller (ATC) negligence
  • ​Flight employee (flight attendant, gate agent, etc.) negligence
  • ​Airport administration negligenceAirport administration negligence

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