Stanley Law Client Testimonials

During this time of social distancing I needed to consult with an attorney. I was able to reach, by phone from the website info, a person, and immediately upon calling. They took the information needed, checked with a lawyer and gave me the answers I needed. It was a huge relief and saved me from making a potentially disastrous decision financially. Thank you so much for the help.

Cathy Brobst

I want to thank Stanley Law for there diligent work On my case. I especially want to thank Mary Jones for her fantastic work and keeping me posted on my case thank you very much Mary Jones

Roland Barreto

I am Quadriplegic and have had Stanley Law Offices working on several different ventures for me over the years. I have found them to be very professional. They have always responded quickly to any messages or concerns that I have had. They have always looked out for my best interests first. Recently I had a paralegal named Sara-Beth Boutoille working with me. She was an exceptional paralegal. She was really on top of my case trying to get the best settlement for me regarding my situation. It was a very challenging situation and she took it on like a pro. I am very pleased with Sarah and her efforts regarding my case. Thank you very much Sara-Beth and Stanley Law Offices. I have referred a couple of prospective clients to Stanley Law and I’m sure they will do their best with them as they’ve done with me.

Georgia K Newbury

Great service


Just wanted to take a moment and thank Attorney Joe Stanley… His professionalism in my opinion was outstanding!!! I actually got a personal telephone call…WOW!!! “He Listened” He Cared!!! His staff was very patient and passionate about listening to me also. Unfortunately for me they weren’t able to help me… And I’m not mad at him, disappointed of course! However “Stanley Law Rocks” !!! P.S. if you change your mind, ( you are still welcomed​ to help me, I still have 2weeks left and I bet you could show them how to “represent a client” even in DC… let me be the First!)… thanks again you guys ROCK!!! Parting is such sweet sorrow

Theresa Logan

I worked with Ann as my paralegal on the team at Stanley Law. She was so helpful and we settled my car crash case successfully. All of my calls were always returned promptly and Ann and the attorneys did a great job, I’m very grateful.

Debra from Binghamton

I was involved in a work place injury, Sheila Fallon and her Team of legal professionals always listened to me, stood by me, fought and successfully settled my case. They were always there and available to answer any and all questions that I had. I never felt like couldn’t reach out to Sheila, which I did very often. She was always so patient, professional, and fought for the “little person” in my case against a large local company. I will always refer any friends and family, that may need legal services to Stanley Law Offices. They are the best. I always felt I was receiving “home town service” but from a large law firm. Thank you for all you do…  Amy

Amy G. from Syracuse NY

I am very happy with the job my attorney Valerie Didamo and her paralegal team did. They were very helpful and were always willing to help. Thank you again! Paul from Fulton

Paul in Fulton

I was hurt pretty bad in a car accident. I’m lucky my family really stood by me and helped out a lot. Stephanie Viscelli was my lawyer. She came to my home which was helpful and very thoughtful. Her and Genevieve who was the paralegal were very good at everything involving my case which was settled very quickly and resolved. Thanks for being with me through this and for helping me the way you do. You’re very nice people. Casey from Binghamton.

Casey from Binghamton

The way my no fault case was handled and presented was really good. Tim Welch was my attorney and I’m happy with the job Tim did. Keep being here for the people Stanley Law. We need it! Antoine from Binghamton.

Antoine from Binghamton

When I went to Stanley Law Offices after my car accident, I was treated with kindness and I give them a 10/10 on every aspect of my case. Stephanie did a great job and everyone always responded to every question I had. Kate from Syracuse.

Kate from Syracuse

After my bad car accident, I met with one of the attorneys from Stanley Law in their Binghamton office. My attorney was Joe Scott, Jr. and the paralegal, Ann did a great job. Thank You, David from Binghamton.

David from Binghamton

Luckily in my case, I didn’t have to go to court. Some folks want to I think, but for me, I am glad it got settled before I had to. Stephanie Viscelli was my attorney. Her and her paralegal Genevieve, did a great job. They kept me informed and were consistent with phone calls and emails. They made me feel confident the whole way that I was in good hands. They’re both very caring people. Eliza from Syracuse

Eliza from Syracuse

Stephanie was attorney for my car accident personal injury case. Genevieve was my paralegal. They kept me up-to-date though my whole case. They were very good at responding to all my questions. And I had a lot! The speed with which they handled my case was very good. Stephanie was very thoughtful and I’m highly satisfied with all my results! Unnamed from Binghamton.

Unnamed from Binghamton

Anna was my attorney and Sandra was my paralegal. Together they helped me get the outcome I needed for my case. I’m glad they were with me on this after my car accident, and that everything came out ok. Debra from Syracuse.

Debra from Syracuse

Sandra was my paralegal. She responded to every phone call. I was referred to Stanley Law Offices and I’m glad I followed up on the recommendation. My concerns were taken seriously and I was always comfortable asking questions. Richard from Binghamton

Richard from Binghamton

I’m very happy with the outcome of my case. I would definitely use the firm in the future although I hope I never have to. I would also recommend Stanley Law Offices to my friends and my family. Thanks, Jon from Watertown

Jon from Watertown

I always was treated with courtesy and taken seriously by the team at Stanley Law. They were helpful. My case was resolved quickly and I’m grateful. Brandon from Syracuse

Brandon from Syracuse

I thought they did a great job. My attorney was Valerie DiDamo she kept in contact with me and did a great job representing me. – Jim from Watertown

jim countryman

I’m happy with the work the Stanley Law Offices did on my behalf when I was injured and needed their help. My concerns were taken seriously and I was always treated with respect. I’m glad I picked your team. Thank You! – Desiree from Syracuse

Desiree from Syracuse

You guys did a great job and I greatly appreciated your help with my personal injury case! Thank You to my attorney Rob Quattrocci and my paralegal Tara who was extremely helpful and friendly. I would definitely use your law firm in the future if needed and will recommend you to anyone I know who’s in a similar situation. My concerns were always taken seriously and I was always treated with respect. Very happy! – Charles from Syracuse

Charles from Syracuse

My cases was thoroughly explained to me and I always felt comfortable asking my attorney Stephanie and my legal assistant Sara-Beth, questions that would help me keep up with where my case was at. It’s been a lengthy process and now I see why. The amount of paperwork and phone calls and scheduling and follow up you guys have to do is unbelievable. The insurance companies sure don’t make it very easy for anybody! Thanks again. I would use your firm again and I would recommend you to family and friends. – Jacob from Syracuse

Jacob from Syracuse

I’m very pleased with the outcome of my case. Tim Welch my attorney, along with my paralegal team of Nicole and Sandy, did a great job responding to my phone calls in a timely manner. I was always comfortable enough to ask questions. Everyone there always treated me with courtesy. Thanks Stanley Law! – Julie from Binghamton

Julie from Binghamton

I would use the firm again. I would absolutely recommend Stanley Law Offices to family and friends. And that’s saying a lot! – Patricia in Binghamton


The attorney and staff were both professional and easy to work with. I loved everything about Stanley. I’m so glad that I picked you. Stanley knows best! P.S. Tara my paralegal was also wonderful. I loved working with her! – Maxine


From the law offices to the attorneys at Stanley Law, all communication was direct and clear up to and including my settlement. They got me the maximum award. I highly recommend Stanley Law. They were excellent and I’m very satisfied. – Bonita in Binghamton


Stanley Law is great! Anna my attorney, and Sandy my paralegal, were awesome. Under some pretty tough circumstances, we made the best of it and I’m happy with the outcome. If I ever need their help again (let’s hope I don’t) I’ll be back. – Nancy in Binghamton


The Stanley Law Offices kept me up-to-date on my case, my concerns were always taken seriously, and I was adequately prepared for court. Overall, I’m very satisfied with the work my attorney, Anthony and his team did on behalf and with how everything turned out. – Frank from Watertown


Frederick was injured on a premise. He lives in Watertown and met with us at our Watertown Office. Frederick was delivering mail when he stepped back down on the steps and the steps started coming away from the porch and he had to jump. He injured his back and tore his rotator cuff. The Tenant at the home said that the landlord knew about the problem and was supposed to fix it. Fred lost weeks of work and also now needs surgery. We settled his case for the maximum amount which helps cover his lost wages as well as medical bills and the suffering he experienced.


Laurel was injured in a car crash. She lives in Ogdensburg and met with us at her office. Laurel was driving when another driver ran a stop sign and hit her front passenger side and her air bags did not deploy. The other driver was ticketed at the scene. Laurel went to the hospital with severe injuries to her neck and back and leg and still needs Physical therapy 3 days a week. She also continues to see a neurologist for other injuries she sustained. We settled her case for the maximum amount per the policy limit.


Timothy Burns was injured by a dog bite in April of last year. He lives in Syracuse and met with us at our Syracuse office. Timothy was walking his dog that was on a leash down his street. His neighbor’s dog was not on a leash and the owner was out with the dog. He was in the street in front of his home with his dog and the neighbor’s dog, not leashed, charged him. Timothy
immediately picked up his dog as it is a small breed, turned around so he was facing his home and the neighbor’s dog, who lives right across the street rushed from its yard into the street and lunged at him the dog bite him in multiple places on his left side. We settled the case for the maximum amount.


Carolyn was injured at a premise. She lives in Syracuse and met with us at our Syracuse office. Carolyn was shopping as she walked past a shelf and a rack fell on top of her. She then fell backward into a glass table and items fell on her. Carolyn blacked out and was taken to the ER and diagnosed with a bruised shoulder, broken right wrist and headache. We settled the case for Carolyn for the maximum amount per the policy limit.


Ursula was injured in a car crash. She lives in Binghamton and met with us at our Binghamton office. Ursula was driving on a highway with a traffic light. The light was red and she was stopped when she was rear ended. At the ER she was diagnosed with muscle spasms in her neck, back, and shoulder and will need to attend Physical therapy. We settled Ursula’s case for the maximum amount per the policy limit.


Laura’s daughter was injured in a car crash. She lives in Newtown Falls and met with us at our Watertown office. Laura’s daughter was on her way to school following a school bus when she was rear ended by another vehicle. She suffered from injuries including injuries of acute neck strain, whiplash, and headaches. The other driver was ticketed for the crash. We settled the case for the maximum amount per the policy limits.


Bobby was injured in a car crash. He lives in Watertown, NY and met us at our Watertown office. Bobby was driving down Williams Street towards High St in Watertown, he had the right of way. At the intersection another driver was at a stop sign but pulled out and hit Bobby’s front driver’s side and totaled his vehicle. The other driver was intoxicated, Bobby was in shock and did not go to the ER right away. He has pinched nerves in his neck c5 and C7 and possible rotator cuff damage. Bobby was out of work due to his serious injuries. We settled his case for the maximum amount per the policy limit.


James Decker was injured in a car crash. He lives in Greene and met with us at our Binghamton office. James was driving a company vehicle in the left hand lane approaching highway 87 in Troy, NY at 65MPH, another car came form the on ramp and hit the right from side of his vehicle. This caused him to hit the vehicle broad side. The other driver was ticketed on the scene. He went back to Binghamton to get seen by a Doctor because of back pain. He had muscle tightness around a prior injury and was given pain medication and X-rays. We opened both a personal injury and worker’s compensation case for the client. We successfully settled his PI case for the maximum amount per the policy limit.


Halina was injured in a car crash. She lives in Baldwinsville and met with us in our Syracuse office. Halina was stopped at a traffic light on Route 31 in Clay when she was rear-ended. The impact was so great she was unconscious and taken to the hospital via ambulance. Halina suffered from left shoulder damage and had bleeding in her brain. She spent time in a rehabilitation sent after her accident. We settled her case for the maximum amount per the policy limits successfully.


Deborah was injured on a premise. She lives in Liverpool and met with us at our Syracuse office. She was in her son’s garage when she fell because a step had been removed. Deborah went to the ER where she had X-rays and they determined she had fractured her left foot in two places. She needed surgery to correct the fracture. We settled her case for the maximum amount per the policy limits and got her insurance company to pay that helped Deborah immensely.


Thomas was injured in a car crash on winter roads. He lives in Susquehanna, PA and met with us in our Binghamton office. He was traveling on route 92 at night we he collided with a tractor and spreader that had no lights on. Thomas went to the hospital by ambulance with a cracked nose, bruised ribs, and bruised face with lacerations. We settled his case for the maximum amount successfully.


Michael was hurt in a bad car crash. He lives in Watertown and met with us in our Watertown Office. He was traveling in Watertown and was rear ended by another driver and his vehicle spun around from the impact. He hit his head on the corner of the cab. Michael complained of neck and back pain before going to the hospital. He suffered injuries to his C4-C5 and C6-C7 Vertebrae. Also, disc bulges at L-3-L4 and L5-S1 with theca sac compression. Michael needed back injections and physical therapy. We settled the case for the maximum amount allowed for Michael and he’s trying to get his life back on track.


Regina’s daughter was injured in a dog bite accident. She lives in Watertown but met with us in our Syracuse office. Daycare was closed for the day, so Regina took her daughter to her mother’s friend’s house for the day. In that time the friend’s dog bit Regina’s daughter in the face. The child’s top lip was split like a snake and her top lip was ripped on the right side to the extent that the child needed surgery. We settled Regina’s case for her daughter. While nothing can take away the trauma her daughter suffered, the compensation helped with medical bills and soothed the family as best possible under the terrible circumstances they suffered.


Crystal was injured in a serious car crash. She lives in Carthage and met with us in our Watertown Office. She was traveling on a back road. On top of a hill she sees a tractor pulling a manure spreader ahead of her. She crosses over the yellow line to pass, as she does this, the tractor crosses in front of her and the manure spreader and her vehicle collided. There were no tickets given and her 2003 Nissan Altima was totaled in the accident. Due to the accident Crystal needed MRI’s on her neck, back & shoulder. She now has thoracic outlet syndrome in her right shoulder and arm, so she cannot continue working as an EMT. We settled her case for the maximum amount per the policy limits and got her the money she deserved.


I’ve witnessed first-hand for nearly two decades through my work with Joe, the dedication, the focus, the tireless efforts and commitment made to give clients a deserved voice inside and outside the courtroom. Joe Stanley’s voice of wisdom and reason in any room instills the utmost confidence that IF a case CAN be WON, he’ll do all he can to see it through to the end for the best possible result. And even in those cases where it’s questionable whether the firm can win for one reason or another, often due to circumstances far beyond the control of the firm itself, if it’s the right thing to do, Joe and his Team will go to whatever degree is reasonable and helpful to give the individual support and attention. It’s a privilege to work beside them and I’d recommend them to anyone who’s been injured or had a family member seriously injured in any way.


If you are hurt and in trouble and need a law team that will treat you like family giving you support and understanding along with decades of experience in your immediate locale and beyond stop Attorney shopping now and just give Joe Stanley a call. I was seriously hurt at work and in the middle of being totally screwed over by my employer until Joe and Anna and Denise at the firm took over and guided me to a substantial win in my case. It took time and a lot of work but that’s how a professional organization operates. This is not a “rush to settle out of court” “ambulance chaser” but a man with dignity to truly cares. I highly recommend Joe Stanley law team.

James T. Parris

Thank -You Stanley Law. I would recommend this firm to anyone!


Overall the staff at Stanley Law is the Best… and Randi was the best to work with on my car accident case. Thank You!


Randi too her time and covered every detail. I didn’t think we would win the case – but we did win. I just want to add a personal Thank You for your patience and attention to everything. You had a calming effect on me and helped me to be patient.


Jessica was wonderful. Always on time. Matthew helped get my Social Security Disability. Eric explained the paperwork. I will refer Stanley Law in the future!


Very pleased with how Stanley Law handled by work accident case. Thank you!


Denise is a fantastic person. She was always very helpful and kept us well informed. I highly recommend Stanley Law.

Wade F