Walk a mile in my shoes

Walk a mile in my shoes


You know the old saying “walk a mile in my shoes” ? I’ve practiced personal injury law for over three decades and while I’ve always empathized with our clients and the ruin that can occur in their lives, the frustrations with the insurance agencies from their point of view… I’m getting to live it – first-hand.

Over two years ago, I was in a pretty bad car crash. Yes I would definitely call it a serious car crash. It happened not too far from our Syracuse offices actually. The other driver ran a light and t-boned me. I didn’t see it coming. I suffered mostly neck damage. T-bone crashes can be incredibly bad, so despite my serious neck injury, I consider myself lucky I guess.

It’s no surprise to me or anyone here on my Team at Stanley Law, the insurance company engaged in denies and delays, and continues to do so to this day.  I’m already at my 7th ime (independent medical examination) if that tells you anything about how long the insurance company has delayed and denied my claim.

I chose to consult a New York City specialist because I was suffering with my neck a great deal. I paid for my expenses to get there to see a world-renowned orthopedic surgeon whose normal hourly rate is $350. It’s my neck. It’s important to get it right. He agreed to take no fault insurance – which pays only $92. So here’s a renowned specialist agreeing to cut his rate from $350 to $92. THE INSURANCE COMPANY REFUSES to pay the bill – even without me charging for my valid expenses.

Now, we are in litigation. I’m suing. And we’re required to make a motion because they’re not complying with any of our demands involved in the case. In other words, we’re being forced to take it to the ultimate action to get any compensation. I see it so often in my practice, now I’m living it up close and personal. For most of our clients suing IS about the money. They need the cash to make ends meet, put food on the table, especially when they’re injured to the point of no longer being able to work. I can work. Despite the pain, I come into the office and get the work done. For me, it’s not about the $92. It’s about the principal – it’s wrong what these insurance companies do to people. I’ve been passionate about doing the right thing and advocating on behalf of our clients for over thirty years.

Now? I’m more resolute than ever. People deserve dignity, respect, they deserve to be taken care of when they rely on their insurance company if and when something bad happens. That’s what insurance is for!! I for sure know what’s it like now to walk a mile in my client’s shoes. It’s unfortunate for all of us, that the insurance companies apparently don’t know what that feels like.

Joe Stanley is a personal injury attorney and partner for the Team at Stanley Law. Stanley Law Offices is located at 215 Burnet Ave, Syracuse, NY and also has offices in Watertown, Rochester, Binghamton, and Montrose, PA.