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What happens when a friendly game of gold turns into an accident that causes injuries? A negligent golf cart driver could collide with a gofer, causing him or her injuries. In other cases, golfers could slip and fall on a dangerous surface, causing injuries. You are not alone if you have been seriously injured in a Syracuse golf cart accident. The experienced attorneys at Stanley Law Offices are here to help. We provide free case evaluations and can help you understand if you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries.

Golf Cart Accidents are Far Too Common

An American Journal of Preventive Medicine (AJPM) study found that golf cart accidents have increased dramatically in the last 30 years. During the study period, nearly 150,000 golf cart accident-related injuries were treated in emergency rooms. The most common golf cart injury involves a victim falling off a golf cart. Approximately 31% of golf cart accident victims are children under 16.

The most common location for golf cart accidents is sports facilities which include golf courses, accounting for approximately 70% of injuries. In over half of the cases, victims sustained soft tissue damage to their muscles, tendons, ligaments, or all three. Nearly 8% of victims required hospitalization for their injuries, increasing their medical expenses.


Proving Liability in Golf Cart Injury Cases

In New York, victims of personal injury accidents have a right to pursue compensation through an insurance settlement or a personal injury lawsuit. If you were injured on a golf course, you might be able to hold the golf course’s owner financially responsible, or liable, for your expenses. Golf carts generally carry commercial liability insurance policies. Depending on the facts of your case, you may benefit from pursuing a personal injury lawsuit. You must prove that the defendant’s negligence caused your injuries in both scenarios. Negligence means failure to use reasonable care under the circumstances to prevent injuries.


Examples of Golf Cart Negligence

Proving negligence in golf cart cases is similar to motor vehicle collisions. Golf cart operators have a legal duty to drive golf carts with reasonable care. When they sail to drive the carts reasonably, they could be responsible for any injuries they cost. Many people do not receive any training when using golf carts, or they may be drinking while playing golf. Doing so can result in golf cart drivers engaging in risky behavior they would not usually participate in on roadways and sideways, putting others in danger. Common examples of golf cart negligence that can result in serious injuries include:

  • A driver operating a golf cart while intoxicated
  • A driver operating a golf cart at unsafe speeds
  • A driver driving aggressively
  • Texting, eating, talking, or engaging in other distracting behaviors while driving


Pursuing Compensation Against the Golf Cart Owner

In addition to bringing a lawsuit against the golf course where the accident occurred, you may also be able to hold the golf cart’s owner liable. For example, if the golf cart owner knowingly allowed their 14-year-old son to drive the golf cart, and the son collided with you while texting, the parents could be liable for their son’s behavior. If another individual is driving the golf cart, the owner could hold the driver liable.

In many cases, pursuing a claim against the golf course is the most strategic option because they typically have commercial insurance policies or the funds to pay for your damages. When you work with Stanley Law Offices, you can rest assured that we will investigate your case thoroughly, gather evidence, and determine which party or parties are liable for your injuries. We will immediately begin negotiating for the best element possible.


Injuries Caused by Golf Cart Accidents

Golf cart accidents most frequently result in soft tissue damage. Despite golf carts lacking the speed and size of passenger vehicles, they can still cause significant injuries. For example, a collision between a pedestrian and a golf cart can cause the pedestrian life-threatening injuries. While soft tissue damage may seem like a minor injury, it can cause devastating long-term mobility problems. Serious soft tissue and nerve damage can require long-term treatment, including rehabilitation and physical therapy, which could require multiple surgeries.

Golf cart accidents can cause serious head, neck, and back injuries, including traumatic brain injuries (TBI). Traumatic brain injuries can happen when a golfer slips on a dangerous surface and falls, hitting his or her head on the pavement. The force of golf cart collisions can also cause a victim’s head to collide with a hard surface, resulting in concussions or other traumatic brain injuries. Neck and back injuries, including spinal cord injuries, herniated discs, and whiplash.


Compensation Available After a Golf Cart Injury

You may be entitled to compensation for your golf cart injuries in Syracuse. Personal injury victims can recover economic and non-economic damages. Economic damages compensate for easily quantifiable damages, such as your past and future medical expenses. The skilled Attorneys at Stanley Law Offices have the resources and knowledge to estimate all of your medical expenses correctly.

We will work with medical and financial experts to ensure that we seek the full compensation you deserve that will cover all of your medical needs in the future. You can also recover compensation for property damage, durable medical equipment, permanent disability, pain and suffering, and more.

Contact a Golf Cart Accident Lawyer in Syracuse

If you have suffered a serious injury caused by a golf cart accident, you should discuss your case with an attorney as soon as possible. You only have a limited time to recover compensation for your injuries. The attorneys at Stanley Law Offices will carefully review your case and discuss your legal options with you. We will pursue the most compensation possible on your behalf if you have a valid compensation claim. Contact Stanley Law Offices today to schedule your free case evaluation and learn more about your legal options.

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