All Jerry ever wanted was that motorcycle

All Jerry ever wanted was that motorcycle

When Jerry headed out one warm, summer morning, all he could think about was how happy he was to finally be livin’ the dream. He’d worked long and hard to save enough money to get that motorcycle. And now he was going to finally get to enjoy it. It was his very first ride. And his last.


We’ve all been there where you see something or someone come into your view on the road that you hadn’t expected. When you’re driving your truck or car and PAYING ATTENTION to your driving, you can react properly, safely, and continue on your way. Jerry was coming around the bend on a country road near Cortland, within the speed limit, and on his own side of the road.


The young man driving the truck that morning had partied the night before. He was overtired on his way to work. He was drinking his coffee, when his cell phone text alarm went off. He was distracted long enough NOT to see what was just around the corner. It was Jerry. Living his dream on his motorcycle on a morning when the sun had been shining and all was right with the world.


Our Syracuse office got the call two weeks after the funeral. Anne, Jerry’s wife could barely pull together the words. She didn’t know what to do. She’d stayed at home and raised the kids while Jerry had been the family’s financial provider. Hospital and funeral costs were beyond what they’d ever been able to save up enough to cover. It’s the same for most families. We told her “We’ll do all we can Anne to get you and your family the maximum award possible. It’ll never bring him back,” we said. She knew that. “But at least we can help you take care of the scary expenses, and get you and your kids enough cash to last without Jerry being with you.”


“All Jerry ever wanted was that motorcycle. He loved our boys and did everything for them and me. But that motorcycle was something he finally did for himself,” said Anne.


A long and diligent eighteen months later, through all the complexities and layers of insurance company tactics, depositions, experts at the kind of motorcycle Jerry was driving, review of road conditions, testimony after testimony, Anne DID get the maximum award available in her husband’s case.


Here at Stanley Law, it’s more about plaid than pinstripes. More about doing the work that’s needed no matter what it takes. We’re only paid, ever, if our client gets paid. We buy the motorcycle and break it down bit by bit to understand it. Every case is different. And no case is ever easy. The real heroes, Jerry, Anne, their kids, that endure such heartache, often the worst kind of tragedy in the case of motorcycle accidents, have to pick up what remains of their life, and find a way to move on. We do our part to provide some measure of support and peace of mind for the long road ahead.


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