The Real Reasons Insurance Premiums Continue to Rise

The Real Reasons Insurance Premiums Continue to Rise

It is easy to blame the rising insurance premium costs on a workers’ comp lawyer. In reality, lawyers have very little to do with the reason costs go up.

Anyone who has health care insurance knows that every year the premium increases a little more. While it might not seem like it, there are real reasons why the cost goes up. Some will place the blame on the workers’ comp lawyer. The reasoning is, without the lawsuits, insurance companies would be able to keep prices the same. It’s just not true.

Why So Much

Health care in this country isn’t about preventative care and educating the public on how to be healthy. Instead, the industry is set up towards aiding diseases. Most prescriptions and treatments only keep the problem at bay. They don’t really cure the underlying issue. If the public were educated on preventative health care instead, then we would understand how to care for ourselves and keep illnesses away without the use of expensive drugs that only mask the problem.

Insurers Set Their Own Premiums

When it comes time to reevaluate the cost of doing business, the company decides what is necessary. Despite government oversight, which is supposed to keep these fees in line, medical insurance continues to be one of the most profitable businesses. They may claim to raise the rates due to frivolous lawsuits brought on by a workers’ comp lawyer, but it is simply not true. More often than not these raises are due to the additional cost of non-preventative health care and political choices the company is making.

Ways to Cut the Cost

You should determine what coverage you can comfortably afford and shop around. You may also consider a high deductible plan that lowers your premiums. Those who are healthy and participate in preventative care may qualify for lower premiums.

Insurance costs affect anyone who pays for insurance on two different levels. Those who pay premiums, even if their employer covers part of the cost, will continue to spend more money each year in order to afford the same coverage. It also affects the taxpayers. Taxpayers fund government health care services such as Medicare and Medicaid. The rising cost of health care forces the government services to take more of the taxpayer’s money.

Without revamping the health care system, insurance premiums will continue to rise. None of it will be the fault of the workers’ comp lawyer who is trying to help their client pay their medical bills. Instead, it is the fault of the unending expensive maintenance procedures that are in place instead of pushing for preventative care and true health education.