“Construction sites are a dangerous place”

“Construction sites are a dangerous place”

Construction sites are a dangerous place. If something goes wrong on a construction site, you need to investigate as quickly as possible.

Construction sites are a dangerous place where things can and do go wrong.  It’s an all too often story we hear:  Construction worker killed in a workplace accident.  Whether it’s on a Main Street in a small Upstate New York village, or a municiapl project in one of our larger cities, construction accidents are usually severe and almost always have bad outcomes.

When you hear about construction accidents on your local news or on the radio, or you read about them online, there’s usually some “freak accident element” associated with how the Story is told.  The truth is, what might appear to many as fresk, is something we at Stanley Law see every day.

Construction sites are a dangerous place.  Usually there’s heavy equipment, large cranes, backhoes, pile drivers, steel beams, men and women working many feet off the ground on scaffolding and ladders, things that fall easily.  It’s sad that some of the sites we’ve visited in the course of our research for clients’ construction cases, show that construction site was an accident just waiting to happen.  Even with the greatest safety precautions in place, things can go wrong.  Add to that the chances of faulty equipment or complacent contracting company, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster!

Bad things happen to good people, and that’s never more true than with a construction worker.  One of the first questions I get asked from a seriously injured construction worker or their loved one is “Do I have a case?” There are a lot of actors that go into ansewring that qwuestion.  There are a lot of factors that go into answering that question and knowing the law in these cases is critical  It can make the difference between a substantial recovery and nothing.  Construction cases and construction injury law is very complex.  Also, as with any personal injury case, the tougher thing is dealing with the ‘deny and delay’ process from insurance companies.  Then, those same insurance companies go at characterizing an injured construction worker as careless, opportunistic, money hungry, lazy, anything that casts a bad light and calls the worker’s character into question that could sawy a jury in their favor.

What we know for sure, is that here at Stanley Law, our Team doesn’t take on a construction accident case unless the client has a solid case and deserves compensation for their loss and suffering.  We only get compensated if our client does.  The cost, energy, and time upfront our Team puts into a case makes it prohibitive to take on any case that’s not likely to have a positive outcome.

Worker’s compensation is almost always a factor when there’s a construction accident.  But it doesn’t always cover all the damages.  Usually when there’s a construction accident that person’s out of work for a very long time or worse, can never work again.  When those cards are on the table, paying their bills, putting food on the table, basic survival needs for them and their family is what’s at stake, and what they’re seeking for compensation to cover.

The best advice for a construction worker we can give is KNOW who you’re working for.  Do they have a reputation for good practices and safety processes and procedures on their sites, or have there been reports of complacency and situations where they put their workers at undue risk?  If you see or know of something that’s sub-standard on your construction site, report it.  Documenting a situation or piece of equipment that you know is faulty is the only line of defense – not only for holding the construction or contracting company accountable to ensure it’s brought up to safety standards, but also beacuse should something happen to you or a co-worker, documentation of an unsafe circumstance, and then failure of the contracting company to fix it, is a primary key in the success of any construction accident case.

Construction sites are a dangerous place where things can and do go wrong.  Know your rights if and when they do.  If you’re in a construction related accident, investigating the accident as soon as possible is critical, and you’ll need and want a lawyer in this situation.

For more insight on construction accidents, what can be done to prevent them, or what to do in case of one, can be found at the
US Department of Labor, the Centers for Disease Control, and at Worksafe

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Joe Stanley of Stanley Law has fought for the rights of construction workers and their families in New York State and Pennsylvania for over thirty years.  With depth of expertise and a Team who has direct experience within the construction industry, including partner Robert Quatrocci, the Team at Stanley Law understands the complexity of a construction accident and what it takes to win.  Stanley Law always uses the best experts and thorough investigation to ensure they leave no stone unturned.