“What’s the one thing many people overlook when dealing with a personal injury?”

“What’s the one thing many people overlook when dealing with a personal injury?”

What’s the one thing many people overlook when dealing with a personal injury?

Loving your work here as part of the Stanley Law team means embracing every meaningful opportunity to help people who need us. That’s why I do so many radio and television interviews. Education and being a resource are all important to us here at the Stanley Law Offices, Syracuse, NY.

Last week, I was asked for some inside insight on the one thing many people overlook when dealing with a personal injury.

Whether it’s a car accident in Syracuse, NY, or on the job, I know for sure:

The thing many people don’t do the most is follow up on their care. The care for their injury, yes, and also to make sure

  1. All your medical records are correct
  2. That people have the right story about what happened with your injury and accident
  3. And they also have the right information about what’s wrong with you

No matter what kind of personal injury you have or where it happened

And you know, people just don’t do that generally, but it’s even more critical if you’ve been involved in an accident or whether it’s a work accident or a car crash, or hurt on a construction site. Because errors in medical records happen all the time. People don’t think they do. Most of the time they’re not going to affect your medical care, but they might affect your legal case. And so it’s important because a lot of times clients and potential clients don’t get to us until after these records are already developed. And then, you know, sometimes you get in front of juries, juries think that medical records are never wrong. The common belief by all is that doctors and nurses and physician’s assistants, and therapists, all transcribe all of the information into your records correctly. Nothing could be further from the truth. Mistakes happen all the time. Massive mistakes happen all the time with people’s medical records particularly details important to your legal case.  So a lot of bad things can happen if errors are left uncorrected.

“…juries think that medical records are never wrong… Nothing could be further from the truth.”

Control What You Can Control

When dealing with a situation as serious as a dog bite injury, you should never leave anything to chance. While many aspects of your legal personal injury case may be out of your control, you can and should focus on what you can control. Ensure your medical records are accurate and detailed, and document every aspect of the accident thoroughly. Keeping precise records and notes will strengthen your case and help your attorney fight for the compensation you deserve. By controlling these elements, you set a solid foundation for a successful legal outcome.

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