Do you really need snow tires?

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Do you really need snow tires?

Well if you live in Upstate NY absolutely you do!

I look at a lot of car accidents as a personal injury attorney. Car accidents in the winter are due to driver distraction and typically speed. Even if you’ve seen the plows have been out, have salted the road, when you have all that slush, you have to watch your speed regardless! And snow tires are ALWAYS a good idea.

Driving an SUV doesn’t make you bullet proof on snow roads

I remember one time I was coming back on Interstate 380. They had a flash snow squall that came through. The road was snowed and iced over. I had my snow tires on. You could tell who didn’t. There were seven vehicles off the road, all SUV’s! Seven SUVs in ditches in this fifteen mile stretch of highway. Hopefully no one got hurt but I’m sure none of them had snow tires on.

Especially those driving SUVs/all wheel drives think they’re bullet proof on snowy roads. That’s not true. And you’ve got to slow down.

Speed kills

Snow tires can certainly help in a lot of cases, but even snow tires don’t make you bullet proof. It’s tough to correct speed no matter what. So slow down. Even parking lots can pose dangerous sliding conditions because they ice over so easily.

An ounce of prevention

I always say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. What does that  mean? Put snow tires on your car. You’ll be a lot safer out on these snowy Central NY winter roads.

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