Issues with your Dentist?

Issues with your Dentist?

Issues with your Dentist?

Here’s a question from a recent caller on my weekly radio talk segment:

“As I was sitting in the dentist chair last week and the dentist is pushing and pulling and suturing and doing all this stuff for two and a half hours, just like kind of excavating my mouth. I’m kind of wondering if something goes wrong, what’s the course of action to kind of save myself here!? I know that you guys also sometimes have to deal with people that make mistakes, medical malpractices. If somebody has an instance where they’ve got pain, they’ve got something, some lingering issues from having to go in and having a surgery done, what should they do?”

Chances are, whether it’s your dentist, your doctor, really anyone who’s offering a healthcare service to you, you’ve wondered this for yourself. I always tell people that you have to be your own best advocate for your health care. Make sure you understand what’s going on. You know your body best and better than anyone and document any concerns you have, and make sure if you think something is wrong or went wrong that you get it checked out and get second opinions from unaffiliated people.

Medical Malpractice and Dental Malpractice

Medical malpractice and dental malpractice are very expensive kinds of cases and we only get involved legally if there’s devastating injuries. So if they have really significant permanent lifelong injuries, we get involved. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t advocate for yourself and pursue it to know more. If you think something’s gone wrong, the New York State Health Department has a complaint line for doctors and hospitals, and a board of regents regulates dentists. If you have a concern, you should always file a complaint with them because it’ll document what went wrong and hopefully it won’t happen again to somebody else. If it’s not a case that’s big enough for a malpractice case. If you think it could be, you can always talk to a lawyer. It’s a free advice. Free consult with me, if you have any questions.

And it’s a very kind of tricky situation because this is something that you go into knowing that there are risks that are involved. Risk is one thing, there’s always foreseeable risk, but usually what happens, it’s not when things go wrong, it’s because it wasn’t done right. That’s an excuse that’s given, but what you usually find out is that if it was done properly, the risk that you had was a risk that somebody did it wrong, not that it was just a risk that couldn’t be avoided. There’s a big distinction there of risk that can’t be avoided versus one that’s caused because the provider didn’t do it right.

Further Questions

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