Sometimes tractor trailers are driven like they’re Maserati’s – Stanley Law Offices Blog

Sometimes tractor trailers are driven like they’re Maserati’s – Stanley Law Offices Blog

Unsafe Driving on the highways

Have you ever experienced that tractor trailer passing you on the highway being driven like it’s a Maserati?

The horrific crash near Gainsville, FL yesterday involving a double tractor trailer is the worst case scenario that could ever happen. Seven people were killed, five being children in a Louisiana passenger van on their way to Disney World. Just unimaginable. Our hearts and prayers go out to those families suffering something no one should ever have to endure.

The plain and simple truth is that tractor trailers and their drivers need tighter regulations.

In this scenario, the tractor trailer driver was also killed. I believe that double tractor trailers are too dangerous for the roadways. I don’t like them because I don’t think they’re safe. But I don’t make the rules. Just last week I was on the NYS Thruway and a double tractor trailer was passing another tractor trailer. You’d think he thought he was driving a Maserati or something. Unbelievalbe speeds! You’re just rolling the dice at that point whether or not you’re going to crash and take other vehicles with you!

It takes forever for the trucks to pass other trucks, they wobble, they sway. I had a case, a horrible accident where someone was paralyzed. Two tractor trailers were involved. One was passing another and it swayed, and it hit the other tractor trailer and rolled over. It was a big mess. And it happens all the time when it doesn’t need to.

The less time you spend near a tractor trailer on the highway the better.

When you’re driving you want to avoid tractor trailers as much as possible. People, when they’re passing them, they tend to slow down rather than get by them. That’s the most unsafe thing you can do! Get by them. Do it carefully and avoid them altogether if you can. When you see a tractor trailer, pay closer attention and drive defensively; even more so than you might normally.

The bottom line is tractor trailer drivers can often have a hard time controlling the trucks. Period. And when they’re barreling down the highway, well if you know anything about physics, one mistake, and there’s no stopping that tractor trailer no matter how experienced you might be in driving one.

Pray for the families who’ve lost loved ones in this horrific accident on I-75 in Florida. Slow down out there, pay closer attention to tractor trailers and avoid them if you can.

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