Are your medical records accurate?

Are your medical records accurate?

Do you double check your own medical records and ensure they’re accurate when you go to the doctor? Why does it matter? That’s what we touched upon when a listener phoned in to one of my radio shows in Watertown yesterday.

Helping folks be in the know is a focus of what we do here at Stanley Law. Being your own best advocate is important and can save you a lot of headache and potential loss in the long run.

Most cases we handle are car crashes simply because there’s more of them –and New York State has fairly complicated rules about car crashes. Most, if not all, serious car crash victims need to get a lawyer involved to help them navigate a difficult system. The next biggest number of cases we handle are construction cases, also incredibly complicated. The next is medical malpractice cases and after that, slip and fall cases. Regardless of the type of case, the theme in all of these are serious injuries are involved.

Always check your records, making sure they’re accurate

Even if you’re not hurt in an accident check that your medical records are accurate, and that everything is documented about your history, or in any accident situation. If you’re in a car crash, you want to especially ensure you document your injuries and that the documentation is accurate.

Often times the docs haven’t even read the file; they just see what’s sitting on the top of the file. If your information isn’t accurate about allergies, or past medical problems it’s not just a legal problem – obviously you want to stay health and get the right treatment. Certainly if they treat you without certain key points of information it’ll cause legal problems down the road for medical malpractice, which is potentially avoidable altogether if you be your own best advocate upfront.If you or someone you love has been seriously injured, don’t go it alone. Phone. Phone 1-800-608-3333. Stanley. Stanley Law. Our dedicated team will get to work on getting you the help and money you deserve for your pain and suffering. No amount of money can replace what you may have ultimately lost at the hands of someone else’s negligence. But it can help you get your life back on the best track possible. Your consultation is FREE and our firm only gets paid when your case is settled or won in court. Throughout New York State and northern Pennsylvania, the Team at Stanley Law is here for you.