Dangerous Borders

Dangerous Borders

Major problems continue at our borders and I had a call in about it this week as interestingly, all kinds of debate about what it means exactly when people seek asylum and what’s expected to be provided for them. It’s a big controversy. There have been deaths that we saw of a father and child So what IS expected and minimally provided in these situations? People are wondering what the obligations are that the country has to make people comfortable and certainly, safe?

Legislation’s been in place for forever because nobody seems to have wanted to change the law. The law situation has changed from 50 years ago. I don’t think the immigration laws themselves have changed, but you are entitled the basic due process. That’s what’s constitutional, when you come across the border period, whether you’re illegal or not. Basic, due process; you’re not entitled to the same due process as a citizen would be, but you are granted what’s called basic due process.

Basic due process essentially means that if you’re going to keep people confined, they have to have some kind of brief hearing or whatever if you’re going to deport them, if they’re here totally illegally. But if they’re here on asylum and they’re here on a legal basis, the law says that they have to be given a hearing, bail and all these other things because that’s where we are as a country.

We’re a country of laws. At times I think that we’ve gotten away from that. Whether the people are here legally or not, I don’t think throwing them all into one big holding tank is the answer. You know, if the stories I read and the pictures I see are true, I don’t think that’s really a thing that a country like ours should be doing. Period. People imprisoned for life don’t have those conditions. You know what I mean? People we send to jail for life don’t have those conditions. As a leader of nations we can do better. We need to do and be better.


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