Falling Down Stairs Can Cause Serious Injury

what happens if i fall down stairs and get badly hurt stanley la
Falling down a set of stairs can cause very serious injury.

A Bad Fall Can Be Devastating

Taking Care of Repairs Around Your House

Repairing things around your house so people didn’t get hurt is our focus this week. The question came up on one of our radio interviews about someone getting injured on their own property. What happens if you have a bad fall?

Stairs and Stairways are a Common Injury Area

Stairs and stairways are one of the biggest culprits when it comes to bad falls.  Bad falls on your own property happen all the time. People falling because stairs don’t meet code happen almost as often, it seems, as car accidents. Not quite maybe, but it’s probably one of the top three accidents where people fall. People don’t come to a lawyer because something simple has happened to them. Usually, the injuries are bad, broken bones, concussions, skull fractures, you name it. You don’t have to fall much to get hurt on stairs. And I would say a good portion of the stairs that are out there in the world are not up to code.

Stairs That Are Not Up to Code

Because we know stairs are a common culprit for serious injuries, we also often know the reasons why: The risers are supposed to be a certain height and the steps are supposed to be a certain width. Builders call it “up to code.” Because we all anticipate them being equal distance and the right size, because we don’t look when we’re going up and downstairs. We’re usually looking at other things and that’s what becomes dangerous. We have muscle memory and that muscle memory adjusts to say ‘this is where the next step is supposed to be’. So even the slightest fraction of distance and create a scary situation. It doesn’t take much and you can fall down a set of stairs. As I said, it’s not a good thing. People get very seriously injured or killed from falls.

A Bad Fall Can Cause Serious Injury or Death

Imagine falling onto concrete. There’s a chance for paralysis. Imagine falling backwards and hitting your head. Brain damage is common in a bad fall scenario. People die from falling downstairs depending on how you fall. You don’t even have to fall that far. But when you land on concrete, stone, or even wood and you fall the wrong way, it can be devastating.

How To Avoid A Bad Fall

Check the distances on your risers, the width of your stairs as well. Ensure they’re sturdy, that there’s a handrail. Always use the handrail. That’s what it’s there for. WATCH where you’re going. Distraction is a huge problem not just when you’re driving. WATCH where you’re walking. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. I say it every day.

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