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Hiring a contractor

People doing home improvement projects this time of year is a pretty common sight.  So what do you need to know if you’re thinking about doing sprucing up the homestead? Whether you’re a DIY person or plan to hire someone, there are some smart and simple moves to take before you take the next step.

Does the Contractor Do the Work As Agreed Upon?

It’s no secret that sometimes, home improvement projects can be a nightmare. Over the years, I’ve tried to help out people who have had horrendous issues with contractors. And the first thing is you want to hire a reputable contractor, and that requires doing some research. You need to make sure you have the terms and the conditions of the contract in writing, which means when money will be paid, what the scope of the work will be, when it will be paid, and the degree of the performance. In other words, somebody has to decide (either you or the contractor or both of you or an independent person), is going to decide whether the work is acceptable and do they get paid. Which sometimes means that you want to hire an architect to overlook your work and to make sure the contractor is doing things according to the specifications that you’ve agreed to.

Another Layer of Safety that’s Smart

It’s a little more expensive sometimes, but the extra steps we’re recommending add layers of safety that protect you and your family. Also, you’ve got to watch when you hire somebody, to make sure the contractors are doing their work. Take pictures and document everything as it goes along, in case there is a problem. Other things that I can recommend that sometimes may be helpful: If you pay by credit card, there is some protection. If the work isn’t done based on what you agreed upon ahead of time, you can protest it on your credit card. There are some organizations online that if you hire contractors through them they give some kind of warranty or guarantee. It may not be the greatest, but it’s better than nothing. Because if you have to hire a lawyer, it becomes incredibly expensive and time consuming.

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