As our Team at Stanley Law remains working remotely like the bulk of the country due to coronavirus lockdown, we want to reassure our clients and prospective clients of the following answers to your most frequently asked questions:

Is your office open? 

A: Our physical office is closed in compliance with the Governor’s directive however our attorneys and paralegals are working remotely.  The fastest way to reach us is by email or text.   

If you’re uncertain of your paralegal’s email address, you can send your questions to and your question will be routed to the appropriate contact.

TEXTING OPTION:   +1(844)303-8478    >> When you text this number the message goes right into your file in SmartAdvocate and the attorney and paralegal on your case will get it and respond!

Are you still working on my case ?

A:  Yes we are still handling all claims, however the courts are currently closed  – so there will be some delay in  proceeding forward with cases that are currently in litigation.


Are you still taking new clients? 

A: Yes however so as to be compliant with the Governor’s directives we must provide free consultations by phone only at this time.


I have paperwork to drop off, what should I do? 

A: Please notify your paralegal by email or text that you will be leaving mail or mailing to our office mail box at 215 Burnet Ave in Syracuse, NY 13203. 


I am waiting for Medicaid or Medicare to provide final lien information, how long will that take?  

A: Unfortunately these public offices are closed and their employees are working remotely.  This may mean a delay of several months. We’ll keep you updated as we know more.


Are there any time limits I should worry about?  

A: No. The court’s have shut down all filings and the Governor has signed an executive order tolling statutory filing requirements.  We continue to track our files and are preparing all necessary papers to file when the Courts lift the filing restrictions.     


I was scheduled for an independent medical examination, do I attend?   

A: Please send an email to with your name, and the date of the exam and Taylor will confirm cancellation  


I was scheduled for trial in April or May will my trial go forward? 

A: At this time until further notice the Court has cancelled all jury trials. When that changes, and as soon as we’re notified, we’ll notify all clients.


I was scheduled to give a deposition.  Do I still need to appear? 

A: Please send an email to  and Taylor can tell you next steps.