Hospital Stays

Nursing Home Injuries

Joe, you’ve said in the past that the hospital is the last place you ever want to have to go. Other than the obvious, you don’t want to have to be in a situation where you’re seeking for injury or illness, what makes that environment so challenging for people to get well in sometimes?

You want to avoid the hospital by taking care of yourself and doing the right things in life. If you have the need to have to be in the hospital, whether it’s an emergency or an elected situation, there are risks with all that process.  Some places are higher risk than others. There is risk of infection.  There’s risk of bad things happening that shouldn’t happen.  You want to avoid places that have high risk and things that have high risk.  An admission to a hospital for surgery, for instance, there’s no guarantees that any of those things are going to be absolutely cures. I always talk about surgeries are surgeries. They are generally not cures; they usually involve removing something or putting something back together. So I think it’s just more than common sense and hope you stay healthy is what I can say.