How to Avoid Injury at Your New Construction Job

How to Avoid Injury at Your New Construction Job

You can lower your chances of getting injured on the job site by knowing your rights and some safety practices. Here are some tips for young workers.

If you’re a teenager, you’re twice as likely as an adult to get hurt on the job—in the United States, a teenager is injured on the job every 9 minutes. A workplace hazard can make you sick, injure you, or even cause death. Young construction workers often think it is their fault if they are hurt on the job site, instead of realizing that job hazards may be to blame. If you are new to the industry, you should know your rights as an employee.

Your employer has an obligation to train you on best safety and health practices at the construction site, as well as to supervise you. Employers are also obligated to give you personal protective equipment (PPE) to keep you safe on the job. Should you experience a construction accident, one of our lawyers can help you get the justice you deserve.

Tips for Staying Safe at Work

– Stay alert and awake. Federal laws say that if you are 17 or under, your state may have a restriction on working past 7 p.m. Child labor laws protect teenagers from working too early, too late, or too long.

– If you are 18 or under, there may be some limits in your state on you driving a vehicle as part of your job.

– Look and listen. Know what is around you at all times. Loud, noisy machines that are left unguarded can often be a workplace hazard.
– Make sure you have personal protective equipment such as gloves, steel-toed shoes, hearing protection, and a hard hat.

How We Can Help

A construction accident lawyer can assist you with a wide range of job site accidents or injuries, such as:

– Falling accidents (from scaffolding or ladders)

 – Burns and electrocution
 – Falling debris at the job site
 – Collapses (trenches or scaffolding)
 – Heavy machinery injuries
 In any of these scenarios, a knowledgeable and experienced construction accident lawyer can help. Talk with one of our attorneys right after the incident to start building your case.
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