Insurance companies don’t want to pay

Insurance companies don’t want to pay

What is the insurance company’s motivation to pay?

The insurance companies – whether it’s car insurance or there’s homeowners’ insurance involved, health insurance, ANY kind of insurance, let’s be clear – insurance companies are in the business of not paying claims.

That’s how they make their profits – by reducing who they pay and how much they pay. There should be no revelation here as they’re clearly a for profit business. They take premiums in and the less they pay out the more money they make.

Sometimes insurance companies will want you to sign a release, accepting perhaps some small monetary compensation for your claim. DON’T SIGN IT!

You should never sign a release, in ANY situation that pertains to a personal injury. Always seek the advice of an attorney first. The consultation with us for example is FREE and we only get paid when we take your case and the case is won. It’s definitely worth the call. It costs you nothing and could help save your future’s financial well-being of both you and your family.

You should never really sign anything – an employment contract, a lease, anything – without input from a lawyer. The things people get into can mean real trouble down the road – because they sign something and they have no idea what they’re signing and what they’re getting into. Obviously the other person knows EXACTLY what they’re getting the person into by having them sign off on something. The law says you sign something, you read it, and understood it, and you’re accountable regardless. As my mother used to say “that was not a very clever thing to do.”

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