Is Your Accident Lawyer Fearless?

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Is Your Accident Lawyer Fearless?

Hi, I’m Joe Stanley from the Stanley Law Offices. No one knows what’s just around the corner, but you do need to know what to do next. The next few minutes will give you some answers. What we do know for sure, is that as an accident lawyer, you must be fearless in order to get the best outcome for your client.

As an Accident Lawyer, Fearless is the Name of the Game

In a recent news interview, I spoke about going to court or not going to court and making that decision for each and every case differently depending on the circumstances. In either case, you have to be fearless. As a personal injury attorney or a paralegal as part of that team, fearless is the name of the game you’re forced to play with the bully insurance companies.

Knowing the Difference Between Fearless and Foolish as an Accident Lawyer

You have to be fearless, but some people confuse fearless with foolish. Fearless means that you’re always ready and prepared to do the absolute best you can under the circumstances, and you’re not going to put up with whatever baloney or nonsense bullying the insurance companies pull, the opposition may come up with. So that means always being prepared, always being ready, willing and able to go forward. But you also have to be realistic.

Does Your Accident Lawyer Look at What’s Possible AND Plausible?

You have to understand what’s possible and plausible. You have to rely on systems and experience. If you don’t understand what the weaknesses and problems are, that then becomes foolish because you can’t go forward blindly. You have to understand the full picture, in order to get best result. The best result is always the MAXIMUM Award.

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