Strategy For Winning Your Personal Injury Case For The Maximum Award

stanley law offices Firm Overview

stanley law offices Firm OverviewHow does the Team at Stanley Law work to get you the Maximum Award?

Once you’ve decided to file a personal injury case, you’ll work with your attorney to do everything to maximize your compensation. One of the crucial parts to getting the maximum award is to understand the role of timing, and having patience. It’s not always easy to have that patience, especially when the bills may be piling up. But patience and knowing the type of timeline we typically deal with is all-important.

What should be done after your injury happens, matters a lot. And various things can be done to make the most of your case. It’s essential to understand all the aspects of your case to get the optimum results. Here’s a list of tips for working with the Team at Stanley Law, your paralegal, and your attorney, to get you the maximum award in your personal injury case. 

  • Never Hide Anything from your Attorney

Transparency with your attorney is considered to be one of the primary keys when it comes to strategies for winning your case. It’s essential to present all the facts to the attorney. Even the least important detail could play a vital role. It’s better to know upfront any concerns and all challenges. That way your legal team can present the best case on your behalf.

  • Keep Your Case To Yourself

Until you hire a lawyer, keep all details to yourself and your spouse/partner. Your attorney will guide you on this. Otherwise, you could say something that will be on the record and used against you in court. It would be the last thing you want, to lose your case because of a random comment and out of simply not understanding the process. This includes social media – keep everything OFF social media and you and your case will be the better for it. Once it’s public, it’s public forever. You could damage your case. We don’t want that and neither do you. 

  • Stay Away From Insurance Providers 

Neither talk nor make any commitments with insurance providers. Various insurance providers try to manipulate people that could end up saying something harmful for your case. Always wait for your attorney to advise you on this. Rarely will we ever advise you to speak with the insurance companies directly. Please understand they will want to offer you fast cash. They know the bills are piling up and you’ll get denied, delayed, or a fast cash settlement offer that is pennies on the dollar. Don’t do it. Get the advice of an attorney. It’s a FREE Consultation. It costs you your time, that’s it. It’s worth it. So let your legal team handle it for you.

  • Get Ready For a Legal Battle For Your Personal Injury Case

Before filing a case, ask yourself, can I go this alone? Do I really want to try and stand up against top attorneys and whole legal teams that the insurance company employs? Can I go the distance? It’s important to ask yourself these questions before taking any legal action, which most people avoid. Let’s talk it out so you fully understand what you’re up against – and what we’ll all be up against together – should you decide to pursue your personal injury case. 

  • Be Careful of Inexperienced Attorneys who don’t specifically practice personal injury

Steer clear from those lawyers who ask you thousand of dollars and guarantee you compensation without fully hearing the details of your case. Here at Stanley Law we give you the straight goods based on our years of practice and what we believe can be winnable – or not.  

  • Document Every Detail, Every Piece of Evidence In Your Personal Injury Case

The more evidence the better. It’s all in the details in any accident case. Whether it’s a construction accident, a motor vehicle crash, a slip and fall accident, evidence is considered to be the keystone in any lawsuit. Therefore, try to collect everything and anything related to your case and bring it to your lawyer. If there are any witnesses to the accident, get immediate statements from them. Take pictures. Video. Anything and everything that can help us prove your case. Make sure your doctor(s) document your information completely and correctly. You’d be surprised how many files we get that are missing information or have totally wrong information in them. 

You have a voice in your personal injury case. What you do, what you say, how you deal with each twist and turn, matter. At Stanley Law, we understand how difficult it is to argue a personal injury case. Even our lead partner Joe Stanley has had a bad car accident. It’s hard to deal with on many levels. And many factors should be considered when starting legal action. Sometimes there are fragile lines between an unsuccessful and successful outcome. We’ll work with you. We also ask you to help yourself. Help us, help YOU. If you work with the tips and advice above, we’ll be on a solid road to winning your case and getting you the maximum award.

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