Motor Vehicle Crashes Due To Speeding

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When it comes to Central New York roads, especially the highways, they’re filled with motor vehicles and drivers in a hurry. Often without caring about hurting someone along the way.  Speeding is considered one of the biggest reasons behind increasing numbers of motor vehicle crashes. Studies reveal massive numbers of people killed in motor vehicle crashes in the past few years because people fail to obey simple speed limits. 

Speeding Tickets in NYS

In March 2020, tickets issued by speed cameras have increased by over 180,000. Speeding tickets by New York traffic police to drivers has also been rising. This is true even though traffic volume has decreased drastically due to the outbreak of COVID-19. About a 12% increase in disobeying speeding laws in just the past two months. The decrease in traffic volume is considered a big reason for drivers feeling free to drive faster than usual. 

Between March and April, people have lost their lives due to motor vehicle crashes, primarily because of speed-related accidents. Deaths due to motor vehicle crashes haven’t been this high in years.  

Speeding is careless. And when drivers neglect to follow those speed limits, innocent people lose their lives. Most drivers will be held accountable for their actions and the loss caused by them. But nothing can repair the victim’s life or the lives of their loved ones. People who have lost their loved ones in motor vehicle accidents should seek immediate assistance from an experienced personal injury lawyer. 

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