Joe Stanley – Joe Knows

An infographic, Because Joe knows

Hi, I am Joe Stanley and representing seriously injured people is what we do for a living.

Over the years, it has become a challenge given the scope and the nature of how insurance companies handle claims. Their sole goal is to pay as little as possible and to give seriously injured people as hard a time as possible. Over the years we have learned and developed strategies on how to take those positions and turn them against the insurance companies and help people get what they deserve. It is a complicated and time-consuming thing. We have also learned over the years the name attorney and counselor of law is more of a counselor than an attorney at times. Because seriously injured people have problems and issues that they can’t even appreciate at the time they are hurt. They need the advice on what to do and how to do it and how to see their way through what can be very challenging times. I have represented some seriously injured people over the years. People that were paralyzed, people who have lost limbs. Over the years it takes some time to get justice. We have been successful because we have been persistent.  We know the games that insurance companies play and we know the things that we do to try and hurt people. They try to reduce the value of claims. So when you come to see us you know it’s a team effort. It’s a family kind of effort because when you are seriously injured it is something you are going to live with the rest of your life. The legal process is not fast and it is not fair sometimes. Our goal is to get you what you deserve so you can be successful.