Know how the Workers’ Compensation System Works

Know how the Workers’ Compensation System Works

Know how the Workers’ Compensation System Works

Hurt at work? Do you know how the workers’ compensation system works? It’s one of the worst feelings, being a worker who WANTS to work, and can’t. If you’ve suffered a serious injury, whether on the job or off the job, and you’re out of work, it’s difficult in many ways. Workplace injuries can make life very difficult. Bills, especially medical bills, have a way of piling up – FAST. Your inclination might be to take FAST CASH from the insurance company because you’re hurting physically sure, but you’re also hurting financially. It’s tempting. The insurance companies may wave some fast cash your way. BUT NOT BEFORE FIRST DENYING YOUR CLAIM. Understanding how the system works, especially for workers’ compensation, is difficult unless it’s what you do for a living.

Workers’ Compensation is Complex

The laws pertaining to workers’ compensation are ALWAYS changing. There are laws upon laws and when you don’t do this for a living, it’s tough to keep up with all the changes and the complexities that go into this type of work. Sometimes you might think “I’ve been a worker all my life, I can just go it alone and go to my hearing. They’ll hear what I have to say and grant me my benefits.” Well, unfortunately it doesn’t work that way. We see it all the time. Because you’ve always been a good worker, maybe this is even the first claim you’ve ever filed – you’re thinking the system’s going to treat you fairly. Not so. Don’t go it alone!

It’s in the details

Certain forms have to be filled out, by certain date deadlines. Certain steps have to be taken in a particular order in order to ensure your best possible outcome. If you’re seriously injured, chances are you’re going to be out of work for awhile. And sometimes you can’t know the full implication of your injuries until farther down the road. That’s a lot of missed paychecks between here and there. You have to know how the system works. Pick an attorney and a team you can count on to work together, to have your back, and to ensure you receive all you deserve = the MAXIMUM Award.

Stanley Law Offices has offices in Syracuse, Watertown, Binghamton, Rochester, and Montrose, PA. They have a team of dedicated attorneys for workers’ compensation and social security disability and social security disability income. If you’ve been injured and can’t work, you want a workers’ compensation attorney who knows the system. You may also have a personal injury case alongside your workers’ compensation case. You need a large enough firm that can collaborate on both of your cases, but not so large you get lost in the shuffle. We’ll be there for you. Call us at 1-800-608-3333.

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