Not a lot of legal changes for 2019

Not a lot of legal changes for 2019

The Law Changes

Change is a natural part of everything we experience. And the law is not immune. Every year myself and everyone on our team here at Stanley Law reviews any legal changes that may be happening. Some years the changes are big, especially with construction law and worker’s compensation laws. They always seem to be changing. Other years the changes are small to none.

Other than the new tax laws put into effect in 2018,

there aren’t any big shakeups to laws for our business in litigation. Hopefully the tax law doesn’t sneak up on you. There were a lot of new rules and logs of big change there for sure. In the litigation business, there are usually technical changes – that are really only important for us lawyers. And even those this year there were no big shifts.

So for 2019 it appears clear sailing…

No big legal changes worth talking about and that’s always good news for us AND for you!

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