Who Might Be Responsible For A New York Construction Accident?

In construction scene, a man fell from on high. Another man is checking on him.

When a serious accident occurs at a New York construction site, people start wondering who was to blame. Immediately, various parties start pointing their fingers at each other, and it can be difficult to find out who actually caused this incident. Make no mistake, this can be a very complex situation. After all, a typical construction site in New York may have multiple contractors and various entities involved in the project.

But for an injured victim, it may be very important to get to the bottom of the mystery as soon as possible. Workers may have been seriously harmed by this accident, and they may be dealing with serious injuries that require extensive (and expensive) medical treatments. In addition, these serious injuries obviously prevent workers from earning an income, further adding to their financial issues.

In the end, the only real solution is to file a personal injury lawsuit or pursue a workers’ compensation claim. However, it’s always helpful to know who was to blame for the accident before you start taking legal action. Fortunately, a New York personal injury attorney can help you get to the bottom of this. These legal professionals can help you gather evidence, and they can also help you recover a considerable settlement for your damages.

Site Safety Managers

Technically, the person responsible for maintaining safety on a New York construction site is the site safety manager. These individuals are specially trained to watch out for any potential safety hazards while maintaining the safety of all workers. If something goes wrong, questions are immediately asked about the site safety manager’s conduct.

Property Owners

Accidents can also happen when property owners fail to notify workers and contractors about safety hazards. These property owners may be fully aware of these hazards prior to the beginning of work. If these hazards eventually harm innocent peopleproperty owners can be held accountable under certain circumstances.

Third Parties

When different contractors work side by side, there can be notable communication issues and conflicts. In some cases, one team of contractors may cause another team of contractors to be harmed through negligence or misconduct. For example, a team of electricians may fail to notify a team of carpenters of an electrocution hazard.


Manufacturers of construction equipment may also be held liable for accidents. For example, a power tool may malfunction, causing serious injuries to the worker who attempted to use it.

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