Tattoos that Go Bad


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Tattoos that Go Bad

Tattoos can be a great form of expression, but what if something goes wrong?

Stats on Tattoos..

You probably didn’t know that more than 145 million Americans alone have tattoos. At least 35% of people have one tattoo, approximately 20% of people have two tattoos, and 9% of people have six or more tattoos.

In an industry that reportedly earns two billion dollars annually, you know there has to be a mishap here and there, right? If that is the case, what do you do?

Here’s some of Joe’s recent radio segment from “Joe Knows”:

“First step is to know if the tattoo shop and artist has a good business reputation and not a bad idea to find out if they have insurance.  This is an important step especially if you don’t know someone that has utilized their services before. Also, check online for reviews, pending lawsuits, anything that would raise a red flag. 

What if things don’t go as expected?

Now, let’s say you go to the shop, you are all excited and unfortunately things don’t go so well. You find yourself injured and need to seek medical attention.

Immediately go see a doctor and make sure you’re taken care of, because those infections can be serious. Then, the next thing you need to do is file a complaint against the shop. Tattoo shops are supposed to be licensed which means they are to be sterilized, and in their best interest, they should be insured. 

Next step after seeking medical treatment..

Depending on how bad things are and if they are insured, you can file a claim against them for what happened to you.  Most importantly, take care of yourself first, then seek damages.

 Final thoughts..

Hopefully you get better, and the tattoo shop has insurance, but a lot of them do not, so again, check them out before you go.”


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