Summer and Holiday Weekend Driving

summer road trip safety tips

summer road trip safety tipsSummer and Holiday Weekend Driving

Now that it’s hinting of a real summer in Upstate New York, and the impending holiday weekend traffic… we always think about offering folks some helpful hints in order to prepare your vehicle for the best and safest summer road trips possible.

Here’s some of Joe’s recent radio segment from “Joe Knows”:

“The first thing to start with is making sure your tires, batteries, brakes, and suspension, are all in good working condition. You should have your snow tires off by now, lol, but if not, change them out and make sure the replacement tires that sat in your garage all Winter are also in good condition. These important steps are the things that keep everybody safe.

What’s Next For Staying Safe This Memorial Day Weekend?

Next, are you going to use vehicles that you haven’t used that have been in storage? RVs, boats trailers, ATVs, things of that nature. If so, you need to make sure that they’re all operating properly. The tires, which are notoriously bad, need to be inspected. Then on to the lights, blinkers, etc. And you need to familiarize yourself with how to drive them again. Why, you ask? Because most people forget how to operate them when they only drive them once, twice or even only a few times a year. And when attaching these items to your main vehicle to tow, it’s attached properly. In addition, if you’re towing things, ensure they’re secured well and not flying around as well as any items that could come loose. I’ve had terrible cases where things have become detached, flown off of vehicles and caused serious accidents and even deaths. You don’t want to be the cause of such an avoidable situation.

Simple But Effective Safety Tips

These few, simple steps seem straightforward enough, but you’d be amazed, especially because people are eager to get out enjoy the sunshine and fun times with friends and family, just how often these most basic safety steps are skipped over. But these are all things we need to think about. And you definitely don’t want to hop on the open road, like Chevy Chase in the famous movie, The Vacation. Just don’t hop in the car and haul away. You have to prepare like anything else to make sure it’s safe for you and others.”


Stay safe and Happy Memorial Day Weekend Everybody!