Checked Your Subscriptions Lately?

stanley law addresses subscriptions

How many subscriptions do you think you now have?

Subscriptions are for every part of life nowadays it seems. Each week I spend some time answering questions for radio show audiences across Upstate NY. On behalf of Stanley Law I’ve always felt it was important to educate and advocate for consumers. I got a question the other day about subscriptions. People need to remember in this day and age, everybody has a subscription charge for everything. You may not even be aware of what you’re signing up for, but they can total up. And the FTC is actually trying to put regulations in place so as to limit these auto renewals and automatic subscriptions so that people aren’t being severely penalized. But you know, for almost every news feed and every kind of entertainment, now there’s a fee and they want to get your credit card and they have an auto-renew. Before you know it, you could be spending, you know, hundreds of dollars a month on subscriptions that you’re not even using or reading or doing. So everybody needs to be careful. I think the rules they’re talking about doing are a good idea.

We’ve All Been Attracted To Different Subscription Offers

I’ll admit, I’ve fallen into that trap too, where some of the lingo, it seems flashy, like you can get this muchthis , or this much for free. You don’t really pay attention to the fine print where it says, and after a month you’re going to be paying this. So you really have to be more mindful about that. There’s no such thing as a free lunch. It’s easy to assume that when you’re signing up for something, it’s attractive, it’s free. But it’s not really free. Especially in today’s age, that’s clearly not true.

What Do Subscriptions Have to Do with Personal Injury?

Subscriptions have nothing to do with the kind of law I practice. But I always tell our media partners to share with their audiences that they can ask me anything. Not just questions that have to do with a personal injury case. Certainly that’s our area of expertise, but when you’ve done something so focused for so many years, like I have with personal injury law, you learn a thing or to that can be helpful outside of the personal injury arena. Knowledge is power. Information is a good thing. So I try to offer any insight I possibly can if it means trying to help someone be more educated and ‘in the know’ about something. If you have a question, I’ll do my best to answer. There might be someone else I can offer as an option as well, that can add something relevant and helpful to the conversation, I’ll definitely share that too.
If you do have a question about a legal manner, whether it’s personal injury, workers’ compensation, social security disability income, or something legally altogether different, we’re here for you. You can reach me at or call our main office line at 1-800-608-3333. If we can’t answer your questions, we’ll try to help find someone for you who can.