What to know about Worker’s Compensation – Stanley Law Offices

What to know about Worker’s Compensation – Stanley Law Offices

Injured on the Job? What You Need to Know about Workers’ Comp

If you’ve been seriously injured at work, you deserve justice. Fortunately, workers’ compensation insurance, known as workers’ comp, is available to assist with the accompanying unforeseen expenses and help you get back on your feet. At the same time, workers’ comp can be difficult to understand and challenging to navigate, but you can rest assured that Stanley Law Offices is standing by to be of assistance in your time of need. Here’s a breakdown of workers’ comp and what you can expect about filing a claim.

Workers’ Comp Defined

Each state requires employers to attain workers’ compensation insurance, which protects them from civil action in the event an employee becomes seriously injured or ill on the job. In return, workers’ comp provides reimbursement to affected employees for lost wages, medical and rehabilitation expenses, prescriptions and death benefits for any families of employees whose injury or illness resulted in death. It is completely separate from your health insurance and something that you do not have to pay for out of pocket.

Reporting Your Injury

The process to collecting the compensation you deserve begins when you file a workers’ comp claim to your employer. You must report your injury in writing within the window of time declared by the state you work in. For instance, injured or ill employees in New York are given 30 days from the date of the incident to provide written notice to their employer, while those in Pennsylvania have 120 days to meet the claim deadline. In any event, this should be done as soon as possible.

Scope of Workers’ Comp

In most cases, all injuries and illnesses that employees experience on the job is covered by workers’ comp, even if the injury was ultimately your fault. Exceptions to this rule pertain to any intentional actions taken by employees that may have resulted in these illnesses or injuries. In addition, workers’ comp even covers things that may not initially be top of mind, such as:

· Exposure to chemicals or fumes that cause serious diseases

· Hearing loss resulting from overexposure to work-related noise

· Scarring on the face, scars from neck surgery and facial disfigurement

· Pre-existing conditions that are aggravated or worsened by your employment

Awareness of Employer Retaliation

In every state, it is illegal for an employer to retaliate against an employee for filing a workers’ compensation claim in any capacity. Things that seem as minor as a change in job duties or more serious measures like demotion, pay cuts, removal of benefits and even dismissal from the company are all examples of employer retaliation following a workers’ comp claim. There are laws and regulations in place to prevent this, so consult with a lawyer right away if you suspect anything like this has happened to you.

When to Call Stanley Law Offices

As with any claims pertaining to personal injury, things can potentially go wrong. Whether your employer has denied your claim, or you believe your employer has retaliated in some way, having the trusted workers’ comp team of attorneys at Stanley Law Offices on your side will be your best line of defense. We’ll work tirelessly on your case to ensure you obtain the maximum award of the cash you need. For more information, contact Stanley Law Offices today for a free evaluation of your case. Don’t go it alone. Phone. 1-800-608-3333.