Word of Mouth Matters

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Word of Mouth Is Powerful

Word of mouth matters. There’s an old story that talks about when someone’s happy they tell, on average, 8 friends. When someone’s unhappy, guess how many other people they tell on average? 32 Friends! We all know when a trusted friend refers us to a doctor, a lawyer, a school, an employer, a restaurant even… it carries weight. We tend to believe what others say, especially if we know and trust them. Most people feel it’s a duty to pass on helpful information. That’s where online reviews come in.

Online Reviews for Stanley Law Offices

There’s no denying that online reviews have played a more and more important role in people researching first where they want to go, who they want to do business with, what they want to buy – or not buy. What started out mostly for hotels and restaurants, now also applies to professional services like healthcare, financial advisors, realtors, bankers, and yes, lawyers. So we encourage you to consider your experience with the Team at Stanley Law and offer to share that good word of mouth online. You may share reviews on Google, perhaps on Facebook. There are other sites like Avvo, Yelp, and even a simple, old-fashioned Thank You note, which always warms our hearts! The online reviews truly help others though determine whether they want to partner with our Team. So we sure would appreciate you taking a quick minute to offer your story and share it online. Because word of mouth matters, and your experience does too! The reviews help us continue to learn and get better and better at serving you as well. That matters most of all!


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