Is Your Environment Making You Sick?

Is Your Environment Making You Sick? A woman depicting a headache

Environment You’re In Could Be Making You Sick

Every week Attorney Joe Stanley appears on multiple radio talk shows answering legal and social issue questions from listeners. Recently, there was a question about whether where you work could make you physically ill, and what to do about it:

“Absolutely the environment you’re in can make you sick,” says Joe. “Buildings and areas, they both can generate what are called ‘hotspots’, cancer hotspots or illness hotspots. They do study them, whether sometimes in general areas, where it could be the water or the air, and in buildings, the same issue. They go in and study the air and the water and just because there’s a background level of the environmental contamination that may or not may or not be evaluated, problematically, if you have an exposure, you have a building that has an accident, you may have a hundred people and it could only affect three. And it may be very difficult to prove and even harder to detect. There truly are some crazy environmental things out there. All these artificial chemicals, all these issues that have been piling up for centuries now, depending on what buildings have been built on, on top of buildings. Look at the Canal, that’s just one example.

Why Do Some People Get Sick From A Workplace Environment or Building… And Others Don’t?

Some people are just more susceptible. My son traveled all over the world. He ended up getting leukemia that was environmentally-induced leukemia. And where did he get it? What mass exposure did he get? He doesn’t know because he was in so many places. His genes were just more susceptible to whatever chemical he got exposed to. And then bad things happen. If you have anybody in that situation, you or your family member, you test, you evaluate, and if you don’t think it’s safe, get another job.

Recently there was a local example of a woman who took a new job and within a week of the new job, physically felt so ill because of whatever it was in that building that she had an allergy to. No one else in that workplace had that issue. So it’s hard for her to explain it to somebody. She just couldn’t walk in the building without getting sick. So she ended up just having to leave her new job after a couple of weeks. That happens more than you would think. And again, in this world we have so many chemicals we don’t even know what they do, what or where they are.

If you’re concerned about your workplace making you sick, find another job. If your situation is severe and you have questions about what to do next, you can always contact the Team here at Stanley Law and we’d be glad to help guide you through it. 1-800-608-3333. We’ll be there… for you.