Common Workers’ Comp Claims

Common Workers’ Comp Claims

Workers’ compensation attorneys know their primary role is to defend the worker. Be familiar with the most common on-site injuries to know your rights.

Unfortunately, injuries happen every day, ranging from the common to the abnormal. It’s important to know what the most frequent injuries are, so you can avoid them or be compensated properly in the result of a workplace injury. Workers’ comp attorneys do their best to make sure you are fairly represented and are protected in case of an injury on the job.


Physical labor jobs can result in any number of bodily injuries. Police officers and firefighters are susceptible to sudden, violent injuries that could put them out of work for months. On the other hand, an injury like a strained muscle can result from a repetitive motion such as those assigned to factory workers. Both these types of injuries often result from overexertion, as muscles tire and proper form becomes harder to maintain.

Slippery Surfaces

The culprit of a fall can be ice, spilled liquid, or even cleaning supplies that aren’t marked properly. This injury can happen to a variety of professionals, such as janitors, nurses, and stockers.

Flying and Falling Objects

A dangerous object could be a case of cat litter falling on a grocery store employee or a hot plate dropped by a waiter. Obviously, this is a constant worry for construction workers, but can happen in an office environment too, when hectic overstacking and improper storage result in a landslide of materials. These types of claims also include victims who run into heavy barricades that are in the way, like bookshelves.

Cars and Machinery

A surprising number of jobs require their employees to travel or move items in a car. Driving long distances or across town in traffic is a high-risk activity. Even if you are out of the workplace, you can be covered and receive compensation if you are fulfilling a task for your job. In addition, heavy machinery at the workplace can cause serious injuries. Coworker or machine error pose a risk to even the safest workers.

Workplace Violence

As unpleasant as it is to think about, workplace violence does happen on rare occasion. The violence can be perpetrated by robbers, coworkers, or customers. No matter the source, workers’ comp attorneys want to make sure you are safe and compensated for any traumatic, violent incident on the job.