Understanding the Risks and Procedures of Construction Accidents

Understanding the Risks and Procedures of Construction Accidents

Working on a new build site or renovation can be a dangerous job. Learn more about the most common risks and what to do in case of construction accidents.

Construction accidents happen. They are an unfortunate but persistent risk in the industry, and it is important for workers to know how to deal with accidents when they happen.

What Can Go Wrong

Understanding the risks of construction sites is the first step in preserving safety. There are certain situations that are especially dangerous and should be handled with immense caution. These situations include:

– Working at elevation

– Working with moving objects

– Working in an environment prone to slips, trips, and falls

– Exposure to loud and constant noise

– Exposure to extreme and continued vibration

– Handling hazardous materials

– Working in an environment prone to collapse

– Working around dangerous airborne materials

– Working with electricity

These are the most common types of situations where construction accidents happen. The potential outcomes can be fatal.

What to Do in the Event of an Accident

If you’ve been involved in a construction accident, there are some important steps you should take. First, if possible, document the injury and the site where it happened with photos or video. This will help with evidence if you end up taking the case to court. Do some of your own investigating to figure out what exactly happened. This is especially important if you are with an independent contractor.

The next step is to seek consultation from an experienced lawyer in the field. Stanley Law Offices enlists a whole team of attorneys to make sure that our clients are getting the representation they deserve. Insurance companies won’t hesitate to deny your claims or put off your compensation. It is important to have a team of experts who are committed to getting you the compensation you deserve. Oftentimes, if the accident is caused by faulty equipment or a third party, you are entitled to more than what worker’s comp will provide.

If you have experienced a construction accident in the state of New York or Pennsylvania, call Stanley Law Offices to see what you may be entitled to receive.