9/11 Hero Sues for Missions and WINS

WTC on Sept 11 Stanley Law Offices
WTC on Sept 11 Stanley Law Offices
WTC on Sept 11, 2001

9/11 Hero Sues for Missions and WINS

A firefighter just won a hefty seven-figure settlement from the city after successfully suing for damages. But this wasn’t just any firefighter — this individual was one of the heroes of 9/11 who helped save lives after the Twin Towers fell. And unlike many of his co-workers, he didn’t file a claim through the Victim Compensation Fund. The decision to forge his own path has proven to be quite beneficial. But there’s one more detail to this story that makes this firefighter’s struggle even more inspiring.

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Brian Kevan Developed Cancer After 9/11

Like so many firefighters, Brian Kevan developed cancer after responding to the wreckage of the Twin Towers (1). While digging for survivors and saving lives, Kevan became exposed to numerous toxic chemicals. This ultimately led to him developing non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 2019. He was forced to retire as a result.

Suing in a Unique Way

Unlike other firefighters who have developed cancer due to toxic exposure, Kevan didn’t file a claim through the Victim Compensation Fund. Instead, he received a settlement through the WTC Captive Insurance Co., which was started with a $1-billion grant by Congress directly after 9/11 (2). According to recent records, this organization still has over $300 million that it could be paying to injured victims who come forward and prove they were injured due to 9/11.

Kevan Got the Treatment He Needed

To make this story even more inspired, Kevan actually recovered from lymphoma due to a life-saving bone marrow transplant. He had been waiting for years to find a donor that matched his blood type. Now that Brian has his health and a seven-figure bank account, he plans to start a fund to help others battle crippling diseases.

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