Amazon Struggles With Controversy Over Abnormally High Injury Rates in NY

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Amazon Buildings stanley law offices personal injury lawyerAmazon is continuing to struggle with controversy as its abnormally high injury rates are being exposed. Due to several recent reports, its injury-prone workers are now being examined closely, with serious questions being raised about Amazon’s safety policies and its general commitment to its own workers. Whether these reports will result in any notable changes remains to be seen, but high-ranking officials within the company are already being forced to publicly address the matter.

If you have been injured in an Amazon warehouse or any other workplace, you may be asking yourself: “Where can I find workers’ comp attorneys near me?” The answer is quite simple: There are many workers’ comp attorneys in Upstate New York, and you can strive towards a fair, adequate settlement with help from one of these legal professionals. It’s best to get in touch with a lawyer as soon as possible after your accident. Not all lawyers are created equally. So be sure you secure a firm that has a dedicated team for workers’ compensation. It’s detailed work and requires a level of attention that not every law firm is equipped to handle.

Amazon CEO Makes Excuses for High Injury Rates

Faced with controversy over safety concerns, Amazon’s CEO has issued a statement suggesting that new workers are to blame for high injury rates (1).  Andy Jassy stated that the company’s expansion led to 300,000 new hires in 2021 alone, and these new workers were unfamiliar with the type of work required at Amazon’s warehouses. This in turn led to a higher rate of injuries, Jassy claims, with most of the incidents occurring 6 months after new hires were brought on board.

But does this excuse really hold up to scrutiny? Are employees really getting injured just because they are new to the job? Isn’t it Amazon’s responsibility to adequately train new hires so that they don’t become injured? Furthermore, it seems unreasonable to assume that 100% of all new hires are totally unfamiliar with warehouse work. Many of these people have probably worked in warehouses before for other companies, and are familiar with the various safety protocols and equipment used in such jobs. In addition, not all new hires were placed in warehouse positions. Others were undoubtedly hired as office workers.

Critics have stated that the real culprit is Amazon’s fixation on automation. When people are forced to work alongside automated machinery that moved at inhuman paces, the assumption is that injuries become inevitable.

A recent study showed that although Amazon workers make up 33% of all warehouse workers in the United States, they suffered 49% of all injuries reported across the entire warehouse industry (2). This is in line with an earlier study that showed that Amazon workers are twice as likely to suffer serious injuries compared to workers at other companies.

Where Can I Find an Attorney?

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