Are You Eligible For Social Security Disability Income?

Social security disability – who qualifies?

Social security disability – who qualifies?SSDI Eligibility


Determining your SSDI eligibility is based on several key factors. Social Security Disability Income (SSDI also referred to as SSD) is a kind of payroll-funded insurance program. The program’s funded by the US Federal government. This insurance is designed to offer financial supplements to those people who are disabled and unemployable due to their physical restrictions. Two types of income policies exist, either temporary or permanent. This too depends on the type of disability you are living with.

SSDI eligibility depends on several factors, including Social Security Work Credits earned. It can be confusing. As a result, it’s advised to always consult a Social Security Disability attorney who understands how the system works. A dedicated attorney at Stanley Law Offices will help ensure you receive the benefits you deserve. Instead of relying on the severity of the disability, the amount of income you had before the disability began is the number used. If you’re also eligible for getting disability insurance from other sources, then your payment amount may be reduced.


The amount of money provided to an individual will be unique for everyone and offered monthly. To calculate the social security disability benefit for any individual, the Social Security Administration uses a weighted formula. SSD eligibility and level of benefits depends on the disability and retirement amount you have paid in Social Security Taxes throughout your life. This is prior to your disability. It’s  known as ‘covered earnings.’ The average covered earnings over the years you have paid security taxes is called average index monthly earnings (AIME).  Next,  complex formula will be applied to AIME to get the final calculation of the primary insurance amount.


If you’re already receiving any disability benefits from some private insurance company, your social security disability benefits will not be affected. However, if you’re receiving other disability benefits, then your SSDI benefit will potentially be impacted in the following ways:

  • You will not be eligible to receive more than 80% of your average amount.
  • In the case of wanting to increase your percentage amount, your other benefits would be affected due to that.


The amount you receive in back pay is based on your Social Security disability monthly amount of income. How many back months of payments you should be received will be determined by the application date. Also the date when your disability began.

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