Cruise Ship Quarantine – can passengers sue?

cruise ship quarantine japan stanley law offices

cruise ship quarantine japan stanley law offices

Quarantined Cruise Ship, Yokohama, Japan

The Cruise ship quarantine is still in effect. The Diamond Princess currently has had 3,700 passengers quarantined on board as a result of approximately 155 cases of the Coronavirus confirmed. This makes the cruise ship the largest cluster of cases outside of the town the virus originated in, in China. This week with Roger Neel in Binghamton, I had my interview where the question came up about what rights, legal and otherwise, these poor people have. According to updates, voluntary disembarkation  (video) is going to begin.

Cruise Ship Quarantine

Can you imagine having only an inside cabin and being confined to your stateroom indefinitely? Amazingly, to me, it seems like keeping everyone confined like that, you’re bound to have more outbreaks. The food and water being delivered to the staterooms by the staff, albeit staff have masks and gloves – it’s hard to believe that the confinement isn’t in some way making it worse. I’m hoping they’ve at least had internet because it’s like being in prison. No window, no outside contact, and no answer on when things are going to change. Just wait. And wait some more.

Air Filtration just like on an airplane

Now me personally, I can’t imagine calling a cruise a vacation. It’s not for me. But for some, it’s one of the greatest travel pleasures they partake in.  I just learned that the air filtration on a cruise ship in the cabins is just like it is on airplanes. It’s re-circulated air. So you can use hand sanitizer, you can wear masks, but no one’s certainly thinking that when they board a cruise ship.

Can these cruise ship passengers sue?

Questions surrounding people’s jobs, their commitments, and the number of days at this point on the Diamond Princess cruise ship have people wondering. What happens if someone’s company fires them because they’ve not come back to work? Unfortunately because this is a governmental action, the cruise ship contractually can state that government orders supersede the cruise ships’ jurisdiction – so they’re ultimately not held responsible.

Everyone here on the Team at Stanley Law sends well wishes and good fortune to come to those quarantined. Eventually they’ll all be reunited with their families. Undoubtedly they’ll be thinking twice before booking their next cruise anytime soon.

For those who’ve lost their lives and to their families, our sincere condolences and sympathies for your loss. To read more about the circumstances surrounding the Diamond Princess quarantined cruise ship off of Yokohama, Japan, click here.  Additionally, here are the latest updates about the Japanese government allowing for passengers to disembark voluntarily to do the remainder of any quarantine at an on-shore facility.

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