Document Every Detail In A Personal Injury Case

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Document Every Detail In A Personal Injury Case – Insurance doesn’t always take care of everything

Whether it’s on the road at work, maybe at home, we get a little too comfortable and we think, ‘Hey, that’s what I have insurance for. They’ll take care of it. They’ll cover it…’ Unfortunately, that’s not really how it works. Hopefully you have health insurance, but I know that a lot of folks don’t. Many accidents, car accidents or work accidents are covered by different types of insurance. And in fact, in some cases, your private insurance won’t cover it.

Document every aspect of your personal injury

When there’s an injury, there’s a reason to make sure that you document how you got hurt, why you got hurt, and continue to document your injury. Because in this day of analytics, everybody’s expecting you to prove everything, even, beyond the realm of what’s reasonable. So you have to protect yourself and take action to get better. You know, I always tell people the most important thing about going and getting the proper treatment and consult is, yes, of course if you potentially have a personal injury case you need to take the right steps to ensure the quality of your case. Including making sure your medical records are accurate. But truly the most important reason you want to do it, is so you get better and protect you and your family. So it’s important if you get in any kind of accident to find out what your rights are and protect yourself.

It’s all in the details

If there are two things I talk about over and over, whether to clients, to the public on radio or on television, is that it’s all in the details. You have to document everything with as much accurate details as you possibly can in order to help you long-term. And the second thing is always work to get more information. Information is key in making sure you are giving yourself the best chance – whether that’s to heal your body, protect your family, or to win your case. Use your cell phone for good. Get pictures. Get names, times, places/locations. Double check your medical records are accurate. The details matter.

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