Visiting The Doctor During The Pandemic

stanley law offices visiting the doctor during the pandemic

Visiting the doctor during the pandemic – You’re Not Alone

Reluctant to go to the doctor right now? You’re not alone.  Many people are not going to see their doctor for their regularly scheduled appointments because of the pandemic. For those with more serious conditions, we’ve even seen evidence of people opting to delay as long as possible. Keeping in mind that self-care is your utmost priority, it’s not advised to skip your doctors’ appointments.

People are afraid. According to statistics, people around the world are resisting visiting the  doctor during the pandemic. Afraid, plain and simple. We have clients that are all hurt and they have to document their injury for legal purposes for workers’ comp social security disability, any accident. It’s always important to get care so you can get better and people aren’t doing it,

Medical Exams as part of your Personal Injury Case Process

If you don’t get it for legal purposes, your claims might be denied. You’ll be cut off or people just say, you’re not hurt if you’re not going. Even more importantly, the last thing in the world anybody wants is that you come down with a chronic condition because you aren’t getting your annual screenings. An ounce of prevention is worth an ounce of cure. Practice social distancing and wear your mask which is required with the doctors’ office anyway. Wash your hands and use common sense. Part of the is including visits proactively to doctors that can assist you in the ways that you need.

Questions About Your Case

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